European Audiovisual Observatory

EU VOD revenues at more than €11 billion in 2020

Revenues from VOD services in Europe increased 30-fold over the past decade. According to a new report from the European Audiovisual Observatory into the SVOD, TVOD and AVOD markets in the 28 European Union countries, there has been an explosion of income representing the seismic shift of consumer habits. It noted that the paid VOD […]

More than 11,000 TV channels in Europe finds report

Over 11,000 TV channels were available in Europe in 2019, a new report has revealed. According to the European Audiovisual Observatory’s MAVISE database which charts the accessibility of TV channels and on-demand services across 41 European countries plus Morocco, there were a total of 11,418 TV channels available in the region. Of those channels, 4,757 […]

Most European content on EU VOD services is imported, with UK as major supplier

Most European content on VOD services in the EU comes from outside the country operating the service, and the UK is the leading exporter, according to a study by European Audiovisual Observatory. The report found that European films and TV content represents 30% of all content found on TVOD services and 26% of SVOD content […]

Report: theatrical admissions has little impact on TVOD window

The average window between the theatrical release of popular movies in cinemas and their transactional video-on-demand release across five European markets is 19 weeks, according to a report by the European Audiovisual Observatory. According to the report, the average window for retail VOD – the definitive sale of a film – across Belgium, Germany, France, […]

European movies losing out in TVOD promotion

European films in transactional video-on-demand catalogues suffer from less promotion per film than US titles, the concentration of promotion around a limited number of titles and a focus on promotion in their home country rather than internationally, according to a report by the European Audiovisual Observatory. Based on data compiled by AQOA from 42 TVOD […]

European content less than a fifth of EU SVOD TV episodes

European TV content accounts 24% of all episodes found in TVOD catalogues and 19% of all episodes found in SVOD catalogues in Europe, according to a study by the European Audiovisual Observatory. According to the report, national  TV series episodes make up  the majority of European TV episodes on pay per view or transactional VOD […]

US media groups playing bigger role in European broadcasting

US media groups are playing an increasingly prominent role in a fragmented and increasingly internationalised European TV landscape, according to a report by the European Audiovisual Observatory. According to the report, The Internationalisation of TV Audience Markets in Europe, based on data fromn 2017 US groups had a particularly strong market presence in the European […]

European cord-cutting ‘overstated’

Cord-cutting may be ubiquitous in headlines, but the reality is not quite so cut-and-dried, claims a new report. According to the European Audiovisual Observatory, cord-cutting primarily depends on local market conditions. One of the major findings of the report is that cord-cutting is not taking place right across the board in Europe and is very […]

European Audiovisual Observatory launches film VOD directory Lumiere

The European Commission, working with the European Audiovisual Observatory, has launched a new directory to help professionals, public authorities and citizens find information about European films and their availability on-line in VOD services throughout the European Union. The EC and EAO called Lumiere the first service of its kind and said it would increase transparency […]

Brexit report highlights ‘reciprocity gaps’ for broadcast business

A report on the impact of Brexit on the audiovisual media industry compiled by the European Audiovisual Observatory has highlighted the ‘reciprocity gaps’ that are likely to arise between the UK-based industry and EU-based counterparts after the UK leaves the EU. In the event of an agreement being signed, the first gap that will emerge […]

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