European content less than a fifth of EU SVOD TV episodes

European TV content accounts 24% of all episodes found in TVOD catalogues and 19% of all episodes found in SVOD catalogues in Europe, according to a study by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

According to the report, national  TV series episodes make up  the majority of European TV episodes on pay per view or transactional VOD services, accounting for 62% of the total. However, they represent a minority of 32% on subscription VOD services.

On average, national TVOD and SVOD services have a higher share of EU TV titles, where the latter account respectively for 45% and 46% of episodes, than multi-country TVOD and SVOD services, where they account for 31% and 25% of episodes respectively.

Content from outside the EU and outside the US represents a significant part of TV content on offer in SVOD, and there are more non-EU/non-US titles and episodes available in SVOD than EU titles/episodes, according to the report.

The top five EU production countries for TVOD services account for 91.2% of all EU TV titles on such services. These are, in order, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark. The top five EU countries providing content for SVOD services, with an 84.1% share of EU content, are the UK, France, Spain, Sweden and Germany.

The report is based on the analysis of 29 SVOD catalogues and 32 TVOD catalogues.. The data was collected during November and December 2018

The SVOD sample is based on 16 Netflix country catalogues, with an average 1,018 cumulated titles, but with significant differences between markets. Only Now TV in the UK has a comparable sized catalogue, with 744 titles.

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