Webinar | Tales from the FAST Frontline

FAST channels have been the biggest noise in the streaming industry in the past couple of years. Analysts estimate FAST revenues will reach $12bn worldwide by 2027.

There are already more than 1,500 FAST channels available in the US and the rest of the world is starting to catch-up. So what can the rest of the world learn from this initial FAST explosion? What changes are established FAST channels making to maximize their revenue and diversify their business models?

This webinar brings together experts in streaming user experience and personalization from 24i and their partners at Amagi, the global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV.

Moderated by Digital TV Europe’s Stuart Thompson, the webinar will look at what’s next for today’s FAST operators. We’ll learn why many of them are looking to owned and operated (O&O) apps to build a direct relationship with their viewers and provide an alternative way to view their content, supplementing their syndicated channels.

We’ll also look at the growing importance of search and discovery in the increasingly crowded US market. And we’ll consider what FAST channel operators in Europe and elsewhere can do to capitalize on the experience of FAST in the USA and accelerate their own growth.


Craig Kierce
Head of Sales, North America, 24i

Over the past 12+ years in the streaming industry, Craig has worked with publishers, networks, and other content owners to stream, monetize, and measure their video. Currently Director of Sales for 24i in North America, Craig has previously held roles at Nielsen, and Hearst. A native New Yorker, he now lives in Austin, Texas surrounded by his guitar collection.


Stuart Huke
Head of Product, 24iQ, 24i

Stuart is a highly experienced business professional with experience in a variety of areas including strategy development, project management, client services and product development.

He currently heads up 24iQ, our streaming personalization and optimization solution that uses powerful AI technology to deliver real-time recommendations to every user based on their preferences. He joined the 24i group as part of the acquisition of The Filter in 2022, following a successful career in mainstream media planning and buying where he developed his passion for data and analytics in understanding human behaviour in purchasing and service selection.

Stuart holds degrees in Marketing & Finance and Marketing/Digital Strategy. He is married with four children, a dog, and a hamster! In his free time he enjoys his life in the west country, enjoying country walks, the occasional round of golf and attending to his garden, while consuming as much sport and TV as possible. And to ensure his downtime is not too calm, he also manages a team of under 9’s football where he fulfils his dream of becoming the next Alex Ferguson.

Sri Hari
Head of EMEA Sales, Amagi

Sri Hari serves as the SVP of Sales at Amagi, where he leads the company’s business expansion efforts in the EMEA region. Since joining Amagi in 2011 as the inaugural member of the technology-sales team, Hari has played a pivotal role in driving Amagi’s global growth, with a particular focus on EMEA in recent years.

Drawing upon his extensive expertise in the broadcast and streaming media ecosystems, coupled with a deep understanding of Amagi’s products and their industry applications, he has consistently delivered enhanced productivity, scalability, and cost-efficiency for Amagi’s customers. One of his notable achievements includes spearheading the sale and deployment of the world’s first cloud playout system in 2013, establishing Amagi as a pioneering force within the industry.

Hari is at the forefront of FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) ecosystem development in EMEA, providing invaluable support and guidance to customers in areas such as business strategy and planning, technology and operational design, distribution, and ad sales.

With a comprehensive background spanning over two decades in the software technology industry, he has held diverse leadership positions encompassing strategy and planning, business development, software engineering, and sales. This multifaceted experience equips him with the skills to effectively guide customers in expanding their businesses and implementing operational efficiencies.

Stuart Thomson
Editor, Digital TV Europe

Stuart is Editor of Digital TV Europe and digitaltveurope.com, the leading source for news and analysis on the digital video business internationally.
With 20 years’ experience as a leading journalist covering pay TV and digital media, Stuart is an authority on topics ranging from the growth of OTT TV, multiscreen and multi-play offerings to the IP-based convergence of video and data services.

Stuart is a familiar face on the industry conference circuit as a moderator.


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