Webinar | Why partnerships are key to delivering online video growth

In a fiercely competitive market, no online video service can succeed on its own; partnering has become essential. The online video space in the past years has seen a rise in partnerships of various forms, including those that mimic the pay-TV platform as a content aggregator but with a higher degree of flexibility and openness. […]

Webinar | Addressable advertising – Strategies for success

  The phenomenal growth of free advertising-supported streaming television (FAST) and growing interest from traditional broadcasters pay TV service providers and vMPVDs in diversifying their revenues means that addressable advertising is now one of the hottest topics in video. Targeting is now seen as the Holy Grail of advertising, but what does this mean in […]

Digital TV Europe Annual Survey 2022

As the world emerges from the global pandemic, the video distribution landscape is continuing to change at a furious pace. The rapid migration of viewing to streaming, which accelerated in 2020 and 2021, has seen new data-based business models emerge, with an increased focus on advertising as subscription growth tapers off. Consolidation among the major […]

Capture viewer attention and beat decision fatigue

In a world of white noise, capturing viewer attention has become an almost impossible task. Armed with keeping overwhelmed customers on-platform and entertained, video providers need a way to halt decision fatigue in its tracks. How? With video data insights. Award-winning solution Synamedia Clarissa, a data insight video partner, delivers actionable insights to help video […]

Get the Remote Work Guide for Media Professionals

Unlike other industries, in M&E it’s not that simple to just take your work home with you. In a business that deals with highly valuable assets and time-sensitive collaborative projects, standard web-based tools including Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint and WeTransfer, which work well in other industries, just don’t work well for accessing the extremely large, […]

Report | The 2021 CTV Viewer

The widespread adoption of Smart TVs and proliferation of streaming platforms has transformed the way TV content is viewed and discovered. The driving force behind these changes is the pandemic – with many people spending more time at home, there has been an increased opportunity to explore. To understand not only how, but why viewership […]

Webinar | The smart home-as-a-service: the new frontier for service providers

With cord-cutting on the rise and the multi-play service bundle under pressure as never before, service providers are looking for new ways to differentiate their offerings. Support for in-home connectivity and the smart home-as-a-service are growing in importance – but challenges remain. In this webinar, Digital TV Europe editor Stuart Thomson joins in-home connectivity leader […]

Still using FTP, WeTransfer & shipping hard drives?

Large media companies understand that using FTP, shipping hard drives, and consumer file sharing services, such as WeTransfer, are slow, unreliable and can create massive security holes. Instead, they rely on modern, enterprise-grade SaaS solutions which make it easy to access and share any size file with speed, reliability and security. Read the Big Files, […]

Webinar | Live-streaming: experience, personalisation, monetisation

Live-streaming of sports and other events has grown dramatically recently as new entrants seek to disrupt the market and existing players seek to expand the reach of their offerings. As connected TV becomes ubiquitous, the opportunity to distribute premium live-streaming experiences is increasing, and content service providers are taking advantage. This webinar, featuring exclusive data […]

eBook | The Race to Scale Live Sports Streaming

e-book: The Race to Scale Live Sports Streaming by Paolo Pescatore Have you noticed the shift towards streaming sport at scale ? All providers need to be better prepared now for the future upcoming major sport events! “While it represents challenges in delivering at scale, the future of sports viewing is transitioning towards streaming which […]

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