Webinar | Video Storage/Cloud DVR: Complex Considerations, Big Payoffs

The future of Cloud DVR should be viewed in the context of larger ecosystems and lifestyle changes. If cDVR grew out of the necessity to support time-shifting (recording and replaying as opposed to live viewing content) and place-shifting (viewing on any device in any location with any screen-size), then what happens in an evolving world […]

White paper | Towards autonomous video delivery through Artificial Intelligence

Today, achieving operational excellence and doing more with less resources is more important than ever. Discover how you can transform your video delivery ecosystem into a maximum performing machine through the power of artificial intelligence and automation. Download our white paper to learn the steps that Divitel is taking to eliminate and prevent services failures. […]

Webinar | Ad-supported streaming: Where we are and where we’re headed

There is an ever-increasing interest in advertising-based streaming as content owners and distributors look to maximize monetization. The Digital TV Europe 2020 Annual Industry Survey proves the importance of ad-supported streaming even among streaming players who have adopted different business models. Respondents believe targeted, relevant ads are valuable, so long as they don’t compromise the […]

Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2020

Digital TV Europe’s fifth annual survey once again provides a unique snapshot of industry executives’ views on the key issues and trends facing the digital video business today. Several hundred executives from 67 countries answered our request to share their opinions on the seven topic areas covered in this year’s survey. The key focus this […]

EGuide | Tips on how to get the most out of your network

More platforms, larger file sizes, tighter deadlines, content globalization and the growing complexity of the media supply chain are causing organizations to modernize their technology stacks and upgrade their networks. On the surface, it may seem that moving large files from one location to another is relatively simple and that a faster pipe is all […]

Report | The State of Online Video

Viewers globally are watching more online video and as a result, traditional broadcast television viewing time continues to fall, narrowing the now slim lead broadcast has over online viewing. For audiences aged 35 and younger, online viewing time already exceeds traditional broadcast. With this shift, cord-cutting trends continue. However, it’s interesting to note that cable […]

EGuide | Still using FTP, Dropbox or shipping hard drives?

Media companies of all sizes are realizing that FTP, shipping hard drives, and consumer file sharing services are slow, unreliable and can create massive security holes. Instead, modern, enterprise-grade large file transfer SaaS offers advanced technology that makes it easy to transfer any size file with speed, reliability and security, no matter how far across […]

Webinar | How to Easily Launch Profitable TV Channels in the Cloud

Viewing habits have changed over the last few years. Audiences are watching more video than ever before through streaming and linear channels. As the evolution continues there are more opportunities to monetize your access to content. This webinar gives you an insider’s view to learn: A fast, easy and cost-efficient way to launch profitable OTT and linear channels Monetization […]

Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2020

2019 was a massively eventful year in video distribution, with the launch of multiple direct-to-consumer services by media and technology giants as well as a wave of consolidation among distribution platforms. However, the ultimate shape of the new digital video landscape is still far from clear. Driving these developments, the pace of change in the […]

It’s Nothing Personal, Or Is It?

As we are at the heart of the broadcast and media industry, Bubble Agency has bought together experts from the BBC, BT Sport, and Monterosa to discuss the challenges of content personalisation and provide a view on the future. This Bubble Insight piece discusses the challenges providers face, and the integral part that technology plays […]

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