Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2020

2019 was a massively eventful year in video distribution, with the launch of multiple direct-to-consumer services by media and technology giants as well as a wave of consolidation among distribution platforms. However, the ultimate shape of the new digital video landscape is still far from clear. Driving these developments, the pace of change in the […]

It’s Nothing Personal, Or Is It?

As we are at the heart of the broadcast and media industry, Bubble Agency has bought together experts from the BBC, BT Sport, and Monterosa to discuss the challenges of content personalisation and provide a view on the future. This Bubble Insight piece discusses the challenges providers face, and the integral part that technology plays […]

E-Guide | 4 Questions to Ask Your App Partner

Choosing the right go-to-market partner for your direct-to-consumer offering can be make or break for your business strategy. In our new e-guide – Close the Gap on Your App Strategy: 4 Questions to Ask Your App Partner – we help you to identify a media app provider that can match your organization’s strategy, KPIs, and […]

Webinar | Next Generation Video Discovery

Power Next-Gen Video Guides, Voice Services & AI with Descriptive Metadata As the global media landscape shifts at lightning speed, it is more critical than ever for European service providers to improve how their customers discover content and engage with entertainment platforms. By joining us for this webinar, you’ll learn about: Trends shaping the future […]

Whitepaper | Practical Steps to Migrate TV Broadcast to Modern Streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming, previously reserved for OTT, and traditional TV delivery are rapidly converging into a singular economy. More than ever, it is vital to break free of the constraints of legacy technologies and empower your systems to innovate, while leveraging your long‐established strengths. Find why multicast‐ABR, or M-ABR, distribution is a key technology for […]

Report | How are Content and Product Strategies Evolving in the Saturated Streaming Space?

The traditional TV market continues to evolve from what was once nation-based TV services to truly global media groups, controlling all stages of the content value chain. And such changes, brought about the by incredible success of global streaming giants Netflix and Amazon, have permanently changed the once-established audience viewing dynamics. As everyone from broadcasters […]

Webinar | Defining & executing a piracy management strategy through cutting-edge technologies and services

Content piracy has evolved over the last few years with the democratization of IP-based video delivery. Pirates have found ways to bypass traditional content protection technologies, redistribute and monetize pirated content. Broadcasters face pressure to increase subscribers and ensure revenues, avoid churn, protect their brand reputation, and comply with rights holders’ content protection requirements. On […]

Infographic | 5 tips for streaming live sports flawlessly

What you need to deliver an amazing live event. OTT is creating new opportunities for live sports streaming. According to PwC leadership, “We are fast approaching a tipping point where digital will overtake linear… sports content will need to find creative ways to appeal to fans that are ‘digital first’ in order to maintain their […]

eBook | Unite fans worldwide with cloud-based OTT

Deliver great live sports experiences with the cloud Download our e-book to learn how organizations of any size can use leading-edge cloud media technologies to create immersive over-the-top (OTT) live sports experiences. Cost-effective, purpose-built AWS Elemental and Amazon Web Services (AWS) services and solutions help you deliver broadcast-grade video production services that enable valuable new […]

Report | Beyond just content: Why QoS, QoE and UX are paramount for achieving differentiation in the streaming space

The content arms race is forcing industry executives to look beyond exclusive content to differentiate digital TV strategies. To compete effectively in such a crowded market space, offering a consistent and engaging user experience, – while at the same time matching video quality with that of broadcast, has become a necessity for OTTs. There’s no […]