Webinar | FAST channels: building a brand and winning viewers

With multiple streaming choices available to consumers, content rightsholders are turning to Free Advertising-supported Streaming Television (FAST) to increase their growth in this sector. Content owners must build compelling offerings that make high-quality content visible to consumers bombarded with a range of entertainment options on their TV platforms and mobile apps.

Join Stuart Thomson, Digital TV Europe Editor, and his panel of expert speakers to learn how content service providers can stand out in a crowded FAST landscape.

Discussion topics

  • The opportunities and challenges facing content owners looking to develop FAST proposition.
  • The key points for successfully building and marketing FAST channels.
  • The importance of content discoverability in the FAST world and of catering to the way consumers typically find and consume content.
  • The role of metadata in enabling content providers to maximise the revenue opportunity from FAST.
  • The main trends we can expect from the FAST market in the coming years.

Speakers include:
Srinivasan KA, Cofounder, Amagi
Jeremy Justice, Director of Gracenote Product Management, Nielsen
Haymi Behar, CMO, SPI International
Olivier Jollet, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PlutoTV ViacomCBS Networks International
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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