Lega Serie A and Sky: to bid or not to bid

The sports broadcasting rights market is transforming and the news earlier this week that Lega Serie A is reportedly considering making a bid to acquire all or part of the country’s leading pay TV operator Sky Italia adds colour to the view that sport rights holders are eyeing new business models to ensure they’re not […]

Streaming goes back to the future

First the revolution, then the reaction. The big studios and tech companies that have plunged wholeheartedly into video streaming have now retrenched, with casualties mounting in the shape of layoffs and cancelled shows. Disney was no exception. In February the mouse house’s Q1 financials came in below expectations, weighed down by costs associated with the […]

FuboTV and the challenges of sports streaming

Getting a streaming business up and running is not a straightforward exercise. Making it pay is vastly more challenging. But making a go of a premium sports streaming business is perhaps the most obstacle-strewn path of all. Huge question marks remain over the viability of sports-themed streaming. The reluctance of Netflix to involve itself in […]

Live sport proves resilient in the face of seismic change

For a brief moment this month, it felt as though the TV industry had been transported back to the 1990s. Canal+ teasing a movie channel, Warner Bros Discovery explaining the strategic merits of a standalone thematic factual brand and FIFA announcing records broadcast revenues all had a sense of déjà vu about them. All we […]

As Salto shuts down, what can European media companies learn?

After months of uncertainty, France Télévisions, M6 and TF1 finally decided to call it a day on Salto, their streaming JV. Billed as a home-grown French alternative to the US streamers, it simply didn’t have the firepower to compete. In coming weeks, its 800,000+ customers will presumably dissipate in the direction of rival services. Nobody […]

Brand values: streamers take another look at their business models

For the last year, the hot topic in the streaming business has been the cost of content. Just how much do leading platforms need to spend in order to attract customers and hold on to them? But as this week’s headlines  illustrate, there also another key debate playing out – which is the role of legacy […]

Media companies get back to basics in 2023 with monetisation mindset

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that 2023 would be “a year of efficiency”. He was, of course, referring to his own company’s belt-tightening plans – but he could have been speaking for any major firm in the media business. With the economy turning sour and content & innovation losses mounting, the emphasis among […]

Comcast: big is bountiful

Comcast, which the European Audiovisual Observatory this week identified as Europe’s biggest media company by revenue, ahead of Netflix, produced a mixed bag of full-year results for 2022, with streaming service Peacock’s success in attracting subscribers set against a darkening outlook for UK pay TV giant Sky. In his opening remarks on Comcast’s investor call, […]

Netflix turns the page

Adieu then to Reed Hastings, who is handing the baton of leading Netflix’s quarterly earnings to new co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters. Netflix’s unexpected surge in subscriber additions for the final quarter of 2022 has allowed Hastings to exit on a high note, and has provided further evidence that this company can never be […]

Exclusively Amazon’s: the Warner Pass

There has been plenty of news about Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) this week. Not unusual about that in recent months, but four of the most recent stories are particularly striking. First, WBD revealed it would increase the domestic US price of its HBO Max streaming service as it fights to stem heavy losses. The dollar-a-month […]

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