The show mustn’t go on – industry figures react to IBC’s cancellation

While hardly surprising, it was still a shock to hear that IBC will not be taking place in 2020. The International Broadcasting Convention – better known as IBC – is the leading event for the TV industry. The Amsterdam event regularly attracts more than 50,000 attendees from all around the world and is an essential […]

VOD buyers are pioneering acquisition in a post-COVID-19 world

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, the process for acquiring content in the international television industry had been changing at an accelerating pace. Needless to say, the growth of global streaming platforms – both the VoD giants and the thousands of smaller niche players – is a well-documented trend. But coinciding with these platforms’ rapid trajectory […]

A house of brands or a house of cards – assessing ViacomCBS’s streaming strategy

Last week, ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish shed further light on the broadcaster’s previously announced international ‘House of Brands’ by promising that it will launch a large scale premium streaming service within the year. Speaking on the company’s quarterly earnings call, the CEO said: “In addition to our domestic strategy, I should add that internationally, we […]

Can the O2-Virgin Media joint venture sprint to success?

The £31 billion merger of O2 and Virgin Media makes sense from a financial perspective for both Telefonica and Liberty Global, but questions remain about how far the new look company will go to push BT and Sky as a major TV player.  Virgin’s TV business has been in something of a freefall in recent […]

Pay TV: counting the cost of coronavirus

One of the most notable features of the impact of the coronavirus crisis on media has been the negative effect of the lockdown on the pay TV business. This was very evident in Comcast’s Q1 results this week, which showed Sky’s TV numbers and top line to be down significantly even ahead of the March […]

Netflix is riding high, but must brace for inevitable post-lockdown churn

If there is one company that is benefiting from the global lockdown, it is Netflix. The streamer this week announced a quarterly increase of 15.77 million signups, a total that was over double its target of seven million and undoubtedly helped along by the ongoing global lockdown. Netflix even surpassed Disney’s market cap for a […]

Will AVOD outlast coronavirus?

If you were to cast your mind back 12 or so months, you would recall multiple news stories and think-pieces that were touting ad-supported video-on-demand – AVOD – as the way forward for the industry. (In fact, here’s one I wrote last August.) The interest in AVOD platforms increased to a fever pitch throughout 2019 […]

Quibi – a revolutionary platform or an expensive flop?

At the time of publication, Quibi is less than three days away from rolling out in the US and it still seems a largely unknown entity. Set to launch on April 6, the short-form streamer’s unique selling point is its mobile focus – both in terms of viewing options for both landscape and portrait, but […]

Don’t believe your eyes – Deepfake’s impact on the pay-TV industry

Using machine learning to undertake advanced audio and video manipulation is resulting in increasingly realistic deepfake content that the average consumer, or sometimes even an expert believes to be genuine. While deepfake started out as simply a geek’s toy – think of it as photoshop for video – it has quickly evolved and we can […]

Will Disney+ conquer Europe?

After four-and-a-half long months of Baby Yoda memes, Disney+ has finally landed in Western Europe (save for the Netherlands which has had the service since November and France where the launch has been pushed back by two weeks). And though nobody would wish for a pandemic, the rapid spread of coronavirus across Europe has left […]

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