Europe’s copyright rules battle

The European Union’s key institutions – the Commission, Council and Parliament – this week finally agreed new copyright rules in the face of intense opposition and lobbying from internet giants. The agreed deal between the institutions – the outcome of the so-called trilogue process that underpins EU rule-making that had already been subject to delay […]

A tale of two streamers

You may say I’m a streamer, but I’m not the only one, as John Lennon might have sung had he been chief executive of a Hollywood studio. Media companies’ plans to jump into the streaming world have again been in the news this week, with both Viacom and Disney revealing some of their thinking as […]

Why a shake-up for TV means a shake-up for DVB

TV is undergoing a change unlike anything it has experienced before. Even the introduction of digital TV didn’t upset the business like this. Will DVB play a pivotal role in this new era, like it did in the transition from analogue to digital? We’ll see. When digital broadcast TV was first touted, a small number […]

Ovum: Taking voice to a multibillion-dollar digital economy platform

Voice is growing rapidly as a new user interface through digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant. Its reach is phenomenal, with more than half of the population in mature markets using voice assistance on a regular basis. As content and information access moves to voice-based interfaces, monetisation becomes an issue. […]

Telecoms and OTT TV: Altice’s plans for Molotov

Altice this week entered into exclusive talks to buy a 60% stake in Molotov, the OTT TV startup co-founded by AlloCiné creator Jean-David Blanc, former Canal+ chief Pierre Lescure and former TF1 executive Jean-Marc Denoual, a reversal of fortune for the streaming outfit that has been struggling to secure financial support for the last few […]

A fork in the stream: NBCUniversal’s OTT TV strategy

Comcast and NBCUniversal this week filled in some of the details on their plans for a primarily free-to-view OTT TV service that will target Comcast cable subscribers in the US and Sky customers in Europe, with an SVOD variant available to non-subscribers very much seen as a sideshow. Speaking on Comcast’s full-year earnings call – […]

RTL’s ad-tech ambitions

RTL’s acquisition last week of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) company, Yospace, marks its latest investment in the ad-tech space and is an important move in the context of its ambitious wider digital strategy.   Announcing the deal, RTL said that Yospace would complement its current ad-tech stack, at the heart of which lies SpotX – an […]

Welcome to the new pay TV world

New market entrants have emerged in the world of pay TV and profoundly changed the competitive landscape for operators. Very few pay-TV operators would have assumed that today people would be purchasing premium video content from the same companies that used to sell them books and DVDs online!  But this is the case, and as […]

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