Strategies for launching and monetising a FAST channel

Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) services are growing rapidly. Today, hundreds of FAST channels exist, and a recent report from VIP+ found that the average large FAST studio took home $23.2 million in ad revenue by the end of the second year after launch. FAST services and channels are trending globally for several key reasons. […]

How will the UK’s cost-of-living crisis impact consumer video spending?

It has been difficult to avoid stories about the UK’s cost-of-living crisis in recent times, but this week’s news that the rate of inflation had increased to a 40-year high of 9% has made it unavoidable. The impact of this has been felt across every industry, and while the media and entertainment sector is a […]

SVODs without advertising are quickly becoming the outlier

Amid all the hullabaloo surrounding Netflix’s recent earnings – from its shocking subscriber loss to the subsequent shareholder lawsuit announced this week – one aspect that went largely underreported was news that the streamer will look to implement an advertising-supported version of the world’s largest SVOD. The news was somewhat surprising, given comments from the […]

Virgin Media swims upstream

Digital TV Europe was in attendance this week when Virgin Media O2 made its big play to close the gap between traditional TV evangelists, cord-cutters and cord-nevers. The petite Virgin Stream is certainly a handsome device at first glance. It combines the low-cost portability of similar devices from the likes of Amazon and Roku, with […]

Disney is not giving up on linear… yet

Ever since it announced the shutdown of its linear channels in the UK in late 2020, Disney has made no secret of the fact that its primary focus is on its streaming services. Less than 12 months ago, CEO Bob Chapek announced plans to shut down more than 100 linear networks internationally by the end […]

YouTube’s push into AVOD proves viability of format

Evidently not content with just being the second-most-visited website on the planet (second only to its corporate overlord Google), YouTube has announced a dramatic expansion into AVOD TV. The platform, which sees almost 5 billion videos consumed per day, this week announced the addition of ad-supported TV series in the US. Some 4,000 episodes and […]

Streamers set sights on sports

At a time when content production budgets are seemingly ballooning out of control (I’m looking at you Amazon, with your US$465 Million Lord of the Rings budget), the major US streaming operators appear to be looking towards a different avenue to drive growth. This week, we saw Apple made its long-anticipated entry into the realm […]

Stick or twist – can ITV survive backlash to its streaming revamp?

It is not an especially good time to be a pubcaster in the UK. The BBC has had a years-long spat with the Conservative government, culminating in the latter’s decision to abolish the licence fee in 2027 and freeze funding for the broadcaster – a move that will force the BBC to cut £2.5 billion […]

Old brands, new stories: ‘Heritage’ media’s big challenge 

Rob Gallagher, vice president of consumer research at Omdia, examines the challenges facing ‘heritage brands’ in the media business, and their attempts to keep up with the industry’s streaming leaders. “We didn’t come into this business to build broadband. We didn’t come into this business to sell phones or to build cloud. The people that […]

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