AVOD: opening up the vault

Streaming, which dominates so much of conversation around content distribution currently, is set for a massive step change in scale and scope with the launch of multiple new subscription and free services from media and tech giants over the next few months. While industry attention is currently focused on the launch of subscription offerings Disney+, […]

The streaming spectrum

We are getting increasingly closer to the ‘later this year’ to which everyone in the industry has been referring. It will of course be several months after that point where we will be able to determine the initial success of the late-2019 launching streamers – Apple TV+, Disney+, and the beta of HBO Max – […]

Swiss strife: Sunrise, Freenet and Liberty Global

Swiss telco Sunrise has fallen out spectacularly with its biggest shareholder, Germany’s Freenet, over the planned acquisition of Liberty Global’s Swiss business. Sunrise this week accused Freenet board representatives of “a conflict of interest” and resolved to exclude them from discussions about the merger. The telco also asserted that Freenet had previously proposed an illegal […]

Why collaboration is the answer to connected TV measurement

A new digital TV landscape is expected in time for the 2028 Olympics, or so suggests global broadcasting giant NBC, who predicts that all TV will be delivered via an internet connection in less than 10 years. Based on consumers’ evolving content consumption habits – demanding anywhere, at any time – NBC is (wisely) choosing […]

Three is the magic number for Disney

Disney this week unveiled its plan to bundle its new SVOD offering, Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ in the US for US$12.99 a month, a price point that would be highly competitive with Netflix and undercuts the reported US$16-17 a month likely to be charged by WarnerMedia for HBO Max. Disney unveiled the plan for […]

Cable at a crossroads

After over a year in the works, Vodafone has finally wrapped up its acquisition of Liberty Global’s operations in Germany, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic in a deal valued at €19 billion. The deal leaves Vodafone as “Europe’s largest owner of Gigabit next-generation network infrastructure”, with CEO Nick Read sayingthat the company has “completed […]

Will 5G survive its expectations, or buckle under its own weight?

This week Ovum published its report on 5G media bundling opportunities. While the report dives into plenty of detail on a range of subjects, perhaps the headline statistic is that 5G telco-OTT bundling revenues will rise from a measly US$6 million (€5.32 million) in 2019 to a whopping US$4.87 billion (€4.32 billion) by 2024.  5G […]

Is the tide starting to turn for Netflix?

In the deep sea of quarterly reports landing on desks this month, perhaps most eye-catching has been that of streaming behemoth Netflix. The company, which has seen stumbles and obstacles since it emerged as the de facto SVOD leader just under a decade ago, has largely gone unchallenged at the top of the pile. However, […]

The SVODs are coming – what Netflix must do to remain at the front of the pack

Netflix is undoubtedly at the top of the pecking order when it comes to SVODs globally – and its rivals are not even close.  In terms of satisfaction, Netflix customers are far more engaged with the content on offer than their rivals, and the record-breaking viewing figures for the latest season of Stranger Things (pictured) […]

Ovum: The future of TV: first globalisation, then localisation – now nationalism

A couple of years ago, we at Ovum predicted that the globalisation of TV by the likes of Netflix and Amazon would be followed by an intense period of investment and innovation in local video content (see Ovum’s opinion piece “The future of TV: First globalisation, now localisation”). In 2019 and beyond, the battle will […]