Maximising broadcasting success in a post M&A world

There has been a flurry of merger and acquisition activity in Europe and the UK recently as incumbent media companies look to insure themselves against the threat of new digital players gaining market share. The latest news is that Comcast has agreed to buy Sky for £29.7 billion, while 21st Century Fox is planning on […]

Using new TV ad formats to drive search

The TV ecosystem is a very powerful one. A “traditional” platform that attracts mass audiences, TV has evolved to complement marketers’ digital strategies, becoming a major driver of online response. TV’s power to drive search, for instance, is unlike any other medium. Close to 80% of viewers use second-screen devices while watching TV, leading to huge […]

Ofcom’s BBC report card: conscientious, but could do better

Ofcom’s first annual report on the BBC’s performance since becoming the UK public broadcaster’s independent regulator bathed the Beeb in lukewarm praise – it said the corporation was “generally delivering on its remit for audiences” – before outlining a number of areas where it said it needs to do better. The regulator’s ‘room for improvement’ […]

Why K7 banned the word ‘content’ and you should too

If there’s one word in the lexicon of telly that leaves me feeling anything but content, it’s ‘content’. Yet whilst the term is increasingly bounded around in the TV, film and marketing sectors, we in those industries seem to have slept-walked into a consensus that this limp catch-all neatly groups together a multitude of creative […]

Netflix’s Asian growth

Netflix this week reported strong growth across all markets, including Asia, and announced localisation efforts in Indonesia, in the latest sign that the continent holds a key part in its future growth ambitions. From this week, Netflix in Indonesia comes with a localised Bahasa Indonesia user interface and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles for many of Netflix’s popular English-language titles […]

AT&T’s major OTT move

In case you needed any further reminder of OTT’s importance to the future of the entertainment industry, AT&T this week announced plans for an ambitious streaming service that will build on the scale achieved via its merger with Time Warner. The service, which is slated to launch in the fourth quarter of 2019, promises to go head-to-head […]

Liberty Global: at the crossroads 

Liberty Global has been a lynchpin of the European cable industry for the best part of two decades now, expanding across the continent via a series of deals while withdrawing from markets where it lacked the scale to compete.   The company’s recent deal with Vodafone that will see it pull out of Germany and central […]

Copyright reform: the EU versus the internet?

The end of the internet or a brave move to save culture from the barbarians at the gates? Copyright reform in the European Union has certainly divided opinion, and this week’s vote by the European Parliament to accept an amended version of the controversial proposal put to it in June had the rival factions reaching […]

The three biggest myths about storing video content libraries in the cloud

To some studios, the mere thought of moving their video content libraries to the cloud is a daunting, high-stakes proposition not unlike juggling a chainsaw, a chicken and a bowling ball. They imagine the hand-off as their most valuable assets disappear into the matrix, an intangible zone of hacking, hidden costs and hiccups. With misconceptions […]

Netflix looks to merchandising

Netflix this week appointed ex-Disney parks and resorts retail and merchandise chief Christie Fleischer to help the streaming giant develop its consumer products portfolio around original series and films. Fleischer will head up a team focused on consumer products, retail and licensee partnerships, publishing, interactive games, merchandising and experiential events. The move highlights the emerging […]