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Experience counts

Keeping audiences engaged is key to any successful video service, but how are traditional content providers adapting to today’s market? Anna Tobin reports. With the exception of live reality shows and major sporting events, mass audience appointment TV is an experience few of our children may remember. In a matter of years, streaming services such […]

The age of android

From being an also-ran in the TV operating system space, Google’s Android TV could be set to sweep all before it, following the introduction of the service provider-friendly Operator Tier. Stuart Thomson reports. There are many reasons to believe that rumours of the death of TV are greatly exaggerated. One such reason is that global […]

Broadcasting in the age of AI

Artificial intelligence is already having a profound effect on the media and TV space, but what applications hold most promise and what challenges need to be overcome? Andy McDonald reports. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will have a profound impact on businesses and working practices n the coming years, with the TV and […]

Q&A: Steve Oetegenn, Verimatrix

Steve Oetegenn, President of Verimatrix, talks about the benefits of cloud technology and a connected content distribution platform for content providers and operators. To what extent is the potential of the cloud to make content creation and distribution more efficient still untapped? The cloud helps deliver a radically new economic model for the infrastructure itself, […]

Q&A: Mikael Dahlgren, Agama Technologies

Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies, discusses key developments in video distribution and ways to exceed customer expectations. What are the key developments that you see taking place in the video distribution business? In a market full of choices, it all comes down to exceeding customer expectations and enabling the expansion of the customer-base. This […]

Accenture: a four point plan for media

Media and entertainment businesses face an unprecedented array of challenges as big tech companies move into content creation and distribution. To survive and prosper, established players need to guard their core business while forging a path to unlock new revenue streams through innovation, says Accenture’s Gavin Mann. “If we want everything to stay the way […]

Q&A: Andy Shenkler, Deluxe

Andy Shenkler, Chief Product Officer at Deluxe, talks about how unifying the content supply chain in the cloud can help media companies meet the challenges of today’s complex content landscape. What are the main challenges faced by media companies in managing the content supply chain? The biggest challenge is standardised information: with the growing number […]

The meaning of live

OTT has been a mainstream technology for the delivery of on-demand content for a long time, but live streaming still presents challenges, especially in the case of mass-audience events such as the World Cup. Anna Tobin looks for solutions. The 2018 FIFA football World Cup has long been cited by the tech industry as a […]

Q&A: Peter Cossack, Irdeto

Peter Cossack, vice-president, cybersecurity services, Irdeto, talks about emerging threats to revenue security and the role of watermarking in protecting high-value content. What are the key emerging threats to revenue security for video service providers? Piracy continues to be the biggest threat to existing business models in the pay TV industry, with a report from […]

Home truths

Whole-home connectivity presents both a challenge and an opportunity to service providers. It is a clear pain point for the customer but it is technically difficult to solve and risks creating a huge support challenge. Adrian Pennington reports. Broadband networks have improved dramatically to the point where service providers can almost guarantee a certain level […]

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