Long reads

Mirada: Handpicked curation gains ground in the pay TV world

Juan Carlos Yáñez, head of editorial at Mirada, discusses talks about the powerful effect that curation can have on the user experience of TV. At Mirada, we have always believed in the value that handpicked content curation brings to pay TV platforms. Over the last few years, however, it has been like calling out in […]

Two days with Disney+ – can it beat Netflix?

  Disney+ has landed and it is as grand as the company promised.  At launch, the service has more than 500 films and over 7,500 episodes of TV content – including 30 years worth of The Simpsons which up until the launch of Disney+ had its own standalone streamer – and this has been enough […]

DAZN: OTT is Cable TV’s moment of opportunity

Ben King, SVP global distribution and business development at DAZN, talks about the opportunities that OTT is providing to cable TV operators.  There’s an interesting debate out there right now; are OTT services friends or foes of the cable business? The world is a much more complex place than it used to be, especially when […]

Apple’s big strategy for Apple TV+

The long-awaited Apple TV+ has launched, ushering in the next generation of big budget streamers that will, over the next nine months, see the like of AT&T, Comcast and Disney join the increasingly crowded party.  For all the positive talk of the service’s aggressive US$4.99 price point and multiplatform app rollout, initial coverage of the […]

Arabian evolution

Under a cloud of piracy and political tensions, the TV industry in MENA still continues to grow. Rebecca Hawkes takes a look at the changing market and how its local attitudes make it stand out from the rest of the world. Rampant content piracy, video streaming fervour, and continued political tensions in the Gulf have […]

The race to OTT

The OTT market is predicted to be worth US$159 billion by 2024, according to Digital TV Research, and operators do not want to miss out on a slice of the pie. Jonathan Easton speaks to vendors in the space about the strategies operators should implement in order to launch a streaming product that builds on […]

Are sports rights really heading for disaster?

Despite BeIN Media Group CEO Yousef Al-Obaidly’s explosive comments that the “media rights bubble is about to burst for sports” and that the industry is “sleep-walking towards a financial cliff”, broadcasters are showing no signs of slowing down in their pursuit of exclusivity deals. The CEO, speaking at a Leaders in Sport Event, said that […]

The DTVE Interview: Enrique Rodriguez, Liberty Global

Liberty Global has undergone massive changes over the last year, with a refocusing of its central technology function under the company’s CTO, Enrique Rodriguez. Ahead of Cable Congress, he talked to Stuart Thomson about the cable giant’s priorities and pragmatic approach to networks, connectivity and entertainment. Liberty Global has undergone a series of major changes […]

Q&A: Rachelle Peterson, WarnerMedia

Ahead of Video Exchange MENA, the event’s organisers spoke with Rachelle Peterson, global director of commercial distribution at CNNI, WarnerMedia about the growing impact that women are having on the industry and the need for diversity initiatives. Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do? I work for CNN International Commercial […]

Amazon Prime: one subscription to rule them all?

Rob Gallagher, director, media and entertainment research and analysis at Ovum, reflects on the role of video within Amazon Prime and how it affects Amazon’s wider business model. In 2016, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said of the company’s Prime service: “We get to monetise video in a very unusual way. When we win a Golden […]