Long reads

Q&A: Simon Trudelle, NAGRA

Simon Trudelle, senior director of product marketing at NAGRA, talks about the changes driving take-up of OTT among consumers and how OTT TV technology can transform the TV experience What are the key changes in consumer behaviour that are driving take up of OTT TV technology by service providers? Our 2018 Pay-TV Innovation Forum research […]

The VR hotlist

The entertainment world is increasingly adapting to the possibilities of virtual reality, experimenting with a format that stretches far beyond the realms of television. Andy McDonald speaks to some of the leading lights in this nascent but quickly evolving market Factory 42 Factory 42 is an immersive production studio and creative agency co-founded by former […]

Q&A: Charly Kraus, Limelight Networks

The popularity of online video is growing substantially. Initially, movies and TV shows on demand dominated, but now live online streaming is gaining traction, especially during major sports events like the Olympics and World Cup. While traditional TV broadcasts of these events draw the major share of audience, live streaming is growing in popularity with […]

Speed kills

With high-speed broadband increasingly seen as the key competitive battleground for fixed-line service providers, cable operators are constantly looking to stay ahead of their rivals by investing in new technology, but they also need to prioritise investment to match what their customers want. Stuart Thomson investigates. Speed is the killer app. High-speed broadband is now […]

Smart moves: the battle for the smart home

The battle for the smart home is heating up, as service providers seek to leverage their residential footprint to control Internet of Things devices. Adrian Pennington reports. With margins on pay TV, landlines and DVRs under pressure from over-the-top providers, multi-service operators are using their broadband connections and established relationship with residential customers as the […]

Q&A: Wongeun Jeon, Alticast

Wongeun Jeon, head of the media experience unit at Alticast, talks about the company’s Dynamic UI and personalised TV What is Alticast’s Dynamic UI and what does it enable service providers to do? Today’s viewers are demanding their viewing experiences become increasingly more personalised, while allowing for the quick and easy discovery of content they […]

Q&A: Charles Dawes, TiVo

Charles Dawes, senior director, international marketing at TiVo, talks about voice search, unmanaged devices, the rise of Android TV and machine learning. To what extent have consumers embraced voice search as a tool for content discovery and what more needs to be done to encourage its use? Over the past year, we have seen voice […]

Q&A: Gernot Jaeger, Zattoo

Gernot Jaeger, Chief Officer, B2B TV solutions at Zattoo, talks about the disruptive TV solution Salt has introduced in Switzerland with Zattoo and Apple What are the cornerstones of the TV service that Zattoo implemented together with Apple for Swiss Service provider Salt? Zattoo has been operating a leading end-to-end white label TV and OTT […]

Q&A: Roland Sars, Media Distillery

Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery, talks about the application of AI to improve the user experience of TV platforms What do you see as the main ways in which AI can be used to help broadcasters and TV operators? Nowadays, broadcasters and TV operators are faced with the change in consumer behaviour from linear […]

Sign of the times

MTG’s decision to split into two, with businesses focusing on broadcasting and streaming and growth areas such as eSports respectively, was a long-term strategy, according to MTG corporate affairs chief and UK CEO Matthew Hooper. Stuart Thomson reports. Modern Times Group’s (MTG) decision to invest heavily in eSports, multichannel networks and online gaming, and subsequently […]