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Liberty Global’s Fries: infrastructure separation could be ‘interesting’

Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries has hinted that the cable giant may look at opportunities to spin off and merge its infrastructure with that of partners to create scale and enable the more efficient build-out of fibre. Speaking on a panel at the SCTE-ISBE Cable-Tech Expo Virtual Experience, Fries said that it was “becoming clear […]

Omdia: PVOD v cinema trends varying by market

17% of surveyed consumers would pay a premium to watch Mulan at home v 21% that would see it in theatres opening weekend, according to research by Omdia. In the week leading up to the September 4 global premiere of Mulan, Omdia polled consumers across five regions to gain insight into audience theatrical and PVOD […]

What Is the Best HDMI Cable for Commercial Installation?

The Official HDMI® Cable Certification Programs Explained Are the cables your company use part of the licensed and comprehensive HDMI technology eco-system of compliance and assurance?  Sometimes it can be hard to tell as the licensing requirements may not be known to end-users and resellers’ marketing can be confusing. As 4K content distribution becomes widely […]

Q&A: Arnaud Verlhac, Esports BAR

Innovation, Investment, Monetisation, Audiences and more will be discussed at this month’s digital edition, Esports BAR+ Americas, September 22-25 Here, the director of Esports BAR, Arnaud Verlhac, talks about the irrepressible growth of the esports market, how it has coped with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what can be done to capitalise on this phenomenon. A […]

Churn, Churn, Churn: Decoding a Key Metric for Video

Churn rate refers the percentage of users cancelling or disengaging with content or a platform, as you may know. It’s not only a gauge of customer satisfaction and an indicator of consumer loyalty, it’s one of seven key metrics that matter identified by a panel of experts at TiVo. According to TiVo’s most recent Video […]

‘Convenience and choice’ – sports streaming comes of age

At the time of writing, the sports world has ground to a halt. The English Premier League has been suspended indefinitely, while both the Tokyo Olympics and the UEFA Euros have been delayed until 2021, and Wimbledon – a staple in the British sporting calendar – has been cancelled for the first time since World […]

Making AI and machine learning pay

The blending of video production and distribution techniques with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is now at the stage when it needs to move from an expensive experiment to a profitable mass market success story. But, how feasible is this and over what time frame can it be achieved? AI and ML have […]

Cloud DVR: Responding to the technical challenges of the future media ecosystem

At a time when many service providers are struggling to differentiate themselves, the addition of integrated Cloud DVR (cDVR), OTT and on-demand capabilities are likely to become table stakes, particularly at a time when many consumers are becoming frustrated by a user experience that is become increasingly difficult to navigate. In the case of cDVR, […]

5G: The transformation of video distribution is underway

2019 was a pivotal year for 5G: operators began launching commercial services, enterprise use cases became clearer and its moved into consumer consciousness. 5G was on course to add nearly US$2.2 trillion to the global economy between 2024-34 and to account for 20% of all global connections by 2025. Albeit reported in February by the […]