DTVE Data Weekly

What are the prospects for FAST in central and eastern Europe?

In central and eastern Europe, FAST revenues will double in the next five years to reach US$42 million by 2028, according to Omdia’s forecasts. That means FAST will remain a very small part of the overall advertising picture. Traditional linear TV and social video continue to drive video advertising revenues in eastern Europe with revenues […]

Why is ad-supported video heading for the FAST lane?

Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) is generating an increasing amount of attention in the TV and video business. FAST channels offer numerous benefits to content owners, such as the option to monetize old and unused library content or to offer a new content bundle. Earlier this year, Omdia released a new set of forecasts that […]

DTVE Data Weekly: How the cloud and decline of broadcast are impacting video processing

The video processing market grew by 7% in 2021 to US$2.6 billion, largely driven by growth in streaming technology in the overall workflow, such as transcoding, and a general rebound coming out of the most intense pandemic restrictions. However, Omdia forecasts the broadcast-centric portion of the market to be in sustained decline by the end […]

DTVE Data Weekly: How operator bundling of SVOD is changing the direct-to-consumer business

Up until relatively recently, the indirect wholesale segment of SVOD – meaning services bundled via operators in mobile, broadband or TV packages – had failed to make a dent in the largely global direct-to-consumer business. For most of the 2010s, wholesale SVOD subscriptions made up less than 10% of the total global market for online […]

DTVE Data Weekly: How Netflix is growing its developing markets

With increasing numbers of consumers cutting their SVOD subscriptions, Netflix has put into force new strategies to boost its numbers and grow its revenue, including the launch of cheaper plans in multiple regions. The streamer decreased its subscription prices across multiple countries. It comes as streamer reported in its latest Q1 results that North America […]