On-demand | DTVE Digital Symposium 2021

In this session of the latest DTVE Digital Symposium, Digital TV Europe’s editor Stuart Thomson will be joined by experts from technology leader TiVo, US service provider TDS and research powerhouse Omdia to discuss how operators can amplify the benefits of their Android TV deployment to take full advantage of a cloud infrastructure.

In this session you will find out why you need more than just an Android TV device to build an experience your customers are going to want to use day after day.

  • Find out how service providers can leverage their Android TV deployments to provide a superior experience to their customers.
  • Discover how they can tap cloud-based platforms such as TiVo’s Next-Gen platform to deliver additional value.
  • Hear how to build on Android TV deployments to monetise TV services effectively.

In her opening presentation, Omdia’s Fateha Begum will address:

  • How Android TV addresses shifts in the video market and consumers’ behaviours and expectations.
  • The need for a superior user experience as consumers access more services, content and devices than ever before and how Android TV addresses consumer pain points and expectations in content discovery.
  • Operators need to build on and beyond the Android TV platform to bring new monetisation opportunities to suit shifting media consumption habits.

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Big changes in the way content is consumed – which have accelerated as result of the COVID-19 pandemic – means that the threat to revenue security is evolving – and possibly growing too.

With IP delivery growing rapidly, movie distribution windows becoming ever more compressed and live-streaming of high-value premium content exploding, how can content rights-holders, distributors and others in the value chain combat the evolving threat to their revenue security?

In this symposium session, an expert panel of speakers from operator beIN MEDIA GROUP, research powerhouse Omdia and technology leader NAGRA will join Digital TV Europe’s Stuart Thomson to address the changing nature of the threat, the need for a comprehensive strategy to combat that threat, and the tools available to industry players in the battle against piracy.

Discussion topics

  • How is the piracy threat changing – and is it growing?
  • What is the specific nature of the threat to live content?
  • What do service providers need to prioritise to combat piracy?
  • What strategies and tools are available to help aid the fight?

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Delivering a superior smart home experience is a potential game-changer for service providers.

As the classic triple-play comes under pressure from the unbundling of TV and communications services, offering support for high-quality streaming with ubiquitous in-home connectivity and rock-solid cybersecurity could be a unique selling point for broadband operators that really sets them apart from ‘dumb-pipe’ competitors. Enabling the smart home experience could be the key to both safeguarding margins and ensuring subscriber loyalty.

Bringing together expert speakers from research powerhouse Omdia, security and intelligent edge specialist Akamai and the personalised smart services pioneer Plume, this Symposium session from Digital TV Europe will explore how service providers can lean on the strengths of their networks to deliver a superior smart home experience.

Discussion topics

  • What can service providers offer to facilitate a compelling smart home experience?
  • How can service providers deliver the level of connected device security needed to give consumers confidence?
  • How can they lean on the strengths of their networks and also leverage big data and AI intelligence to differentiate and optimize their proposition?
  • Why the cloud presents a universal opportunity for all service providers, irrespective of size or location, to streamline OPEX and monetise the smart home
  • What’s the formula for service success?

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5G is set to transform mobile video and video will be one of the key consumer applications that drives uptake of 5G.

But the dramatic expected growth in mobile video traffic and demand for higher quality streams presents challenges, particularly where 5G video is consumed on the big screen.

Tune into this session with contributions from Julien Lemotheux, senior standardisation manager, TV and video at Orange, Diego Gibellino, project manager & technical leader, video and TV technologies, TIMVISION and entertainment products, Telecom Italia (TIM), Maria Rua Aguete, senior director, media and entertainment, Omdia and Yann Begassat, business development director at Broadpeak to learn how cloud technology and edge computing can help ensure that 5G networks are video-ready, delivering a low-latency, high-quality experience to users.

Discussion topics

How transformative is 5G for streaming video?
What are the 5G video pain points for service providers?
What are the key technology enablers for high-quality 5G mobile video?

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Content consumption is moving to streaming platforms at an accelerating pace, and advertising-supported streaming is beginning to capture a larger slice of viewing time as consumers’ reach the limit of what they are prepared to spend on subscriptions. At the same time, pay TV operators are looking for new ways to make money as traditional models come under pressure.

No surprise then that interest in addressable advertising is growing dramatically. Featuring contributions from Omdia, Altice Portugal and Velocix, this Symposium session will look at how service providers can best tap the power of addressable advertising and personalisation. The panelists will delve into how to maximise the value of their content offerings, and the challenges that stand in the way of success.

Discussion topics

What are the factors that are driving interest in addressable advertising?
What types of addressable advertising make sense?
What are the challenges that operators face in implementing addressable advertising?

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