Germany’s Mainstream Media taps Dubformer for AI dubbing

Germany-based broadcaster Mainstream Media AG has tapped AI-based dubbing start-up Dubformer to localise international content. 

Anton Dvorkovich dubformer

Anton Dvorkovich (Source: Dubformer)

The broadcaster which operates across Germany, North America, Poland, and LatAm, has said it completed 240 minutes of voice-over by leveraging Dubformer’s AI technology.

The project included six episodes of documentary series in English and French which was localised to German with Dubformer’s proprietary AI. The show is now available to to viewers on German PayTV channels — GoldStar TV, Heimatkanal, and Romance TV, as well as FAST.

According to Dubformer, the partnership saw Mainstream Media cut localisation costs by more than 45%.

“Our AI solutions are tailor-made for the broadcast media industry and have gained significant traction among broadcasters venturing into YouTube and FAST,” said Anton Dvorkovich, co-founder and CEO at Dubformer. “These platforms demand substantial volumes of content. With our approach, broadcasters cut localization costs by 30-50% without sacrificing speed or quality.”

Mainstream Media has boosted its distribution and audience reach across various platforms. In 2022, the company introduced new FAST channels — FilmGold, World of Freesports, and female-centered Starke Frauen (Strong Women) available to viewers in Germany and Austria on Amazon Freevee.

Tim Werner, CEO of Mainstream Media AG, said: “As the entire industry is leaning more and more towards AI in various fields of operation, we are happy that Mainstream Media AG has found a reliable partner in Dubformer”.

Dubformer leverages unique in-house technology, such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS), and Voice Biometrics, pairing it with human quailty. According to the company, the AI platform supports over 70 languages and more than 1000 voices.

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