Brightcove powers J:Com’s new streamer Ikimono Watch

Streaming technology outfit Brightcove has been chosen by Japan’s largest cable TV company, J:COM, to power its latest streaming service, Ikimono Watch (Animal Watch).

The new streaming app, Ikimono Watch, works with J:COM set-top boxes and was built with Brightcove’s Android software development kit (SDK).

J:COM’s Ikimono Watch will broadcast content from across Japan’s zoos and aquariums.

Brightcove’s Video Cloud securely houses all of the video content sourced from zoos and aquariums across Japan, and the Video Cloud API is integrating with the app’s content management system (CMS) to retrieve content and ensure a smooth, efficient viewing experience, said the company.

“J:COM is Japan’s biggest and most respected cable company. We’re honored to collaborate closely with them on this new venture to provide a high-quality and engaging streaming experience for viewers across Japan,” said Chiyo Yanagita, country manager, Brightcove Japan. “J:COM’s decision to choose Brightcove is a testament to our platform’s reliability, security, and ability to scale and grow with the service.”

“By choosing Brightcove’s platform, we were able to ensure a smooth launch for our ‘Ikimono Watch’ project. The company’s experience in video distribution and handling various types of content has contributed greatly to the efficient and successful introduction of our new streaming service. Video Cloud is indispensable to the strategy of Ikimono Watch, and we look forward to its future growth,” said Mr. Masaki Uchiyama, J:COM general manager, next gen. platform development department, service planning division.

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