TurkNet looks to Airties to deliver smart WiFi

Turkish service provider TurkNet has tapped technology outfit Airties’ portfolio of Smart Wi-Fi software and services to deliver WiFi offering TurkNet SmartyFi to its GigaFiber users across Turkey. 

TurkNet GigaFiber is a fibre internet service with download and upload speeds of 1Gbps.

Users can now further extend their coverage with TurkNet SmartyFi, which uses Airties’ Smart Wi-Fi SaaS offering, incorporating its Edge smart Wi-Fi software for gateways, cloud management platform and a customized version of its companion app as well as Wi-Fi 6 mesh extenders.

According to Airties, its Airties Edge, smart Wi-Fi software for TurkNet’s gateways/routers intelligently directs consumers’ devices to the best available Wi-Fi access point and frequency band based on real-time network conditions.

Airties Cloud monitors and orchestrates Wi-Fi across homes, optimizing TurkNet’s broadband gateways and mesh extenders to ensure a better quality of experience, while providing insights on performance and connected devices. The TurkNet SmartyFi application allows consumers to manage their home network, control who has access via parental and guest controls, and provides guidance for customers to self-install Wi-Fi mesh extenders.

“TurkNet is committed to delivering the highest quality, innovative and affordable Internet experience powered by our advanced infrastructure. Working with Airties, we are able to deliver super-fast, high-performance home Wi-Fi designed to meet the evolving needs of consumers today and tomorrow. TurkNet SmartyFi provides our customers with the best way to stay connected for work, home productivity, entertainment, IoT, and so much more,” said Cem Çelebiler, CEO of TurkNet.

“TurkNet is a true technology leader, dedicated to providing ultra-fast connectivity to consumers throughout Turkey. TurkNet’s GigaFiber offers an exceptional service, and Airties’ Smart Wi-Fi serves as the ideal complement to maximize performance throughout the entire home. Airties is very proud to help TurkNet enhance the quality, reliability, and coverage of their subscribers’ home connectivity,” said Metin Taskin, CEO and founder of Airties.

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