Finland’s DNA adds Amazon Prime Video to TV Hubi service

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel from Amazon Prime Video




Finnish cable and telecom service provider DNA has added Amazon Prime Video to its Android TV-based DNA TV Hubi offering.

Amazon Prime Video joins Netflix, Disney+ and Paramount+ on the DNA platform.

The Finnish telco said it was seeing increased demand for new streaming services, citing its own Digital Lifestyles survey, which showed that over 50% of Finns now consume TV entertainment using paid streaming services.

The Amazon Prime Video app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to the DNA TV Hub. Customers with an existing Amazon Prime subscription can log into the service after downloading it while others can activate membership via the video app.

“New high-quality content services are constantly being launched, offering consumers more and more premium content to watch. Thanks to the open Android ecosystem-based DNA TV Hub, all content is easily accessible from one place – and viewed on the main TV screen in the home. Now Amazon Prime Video is also available , which complements our content offering nicely,” said Jarno Haikonen , DNA’s director of broadband and TV .

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