On-demand | DTVE Autumn Symposium 2021

In this session of the latest DTVE Symposium, Digital TV Europe editor Stuart Thomson will be joined by Richard Cross from streaming technology leader Wurl, Maxime Carboni from international news channel Euronews and Matthew Bailey from research powerhouse Omdia to discuss what content providers need to do to ride the FAST wave to maximum advantage.

You will find out why FAST – free, advertising-supported streaming television – is on the rise and what content rightsholders need to build a FAST proposition, as well as some of the challenges and pitfalls that FAST channel operators encounter.

  • What is driving the FAST phenomenon and what is the opportunity in the European market?
  • What are the technical, operational and commercial requirements and how can they best be met?
  • What are the challenges in winning and retaining viewers and what solutions are available to overcome these?

Speakers include:
Richard Cross, Sr. Director of Business Development, Europe, Wurl
Maxime Carboni, Director of International Distribution, Euronews Group
Matthew Bailey, Principal Analyst, Media and Entertainment, Omdia

Sponsored by Wurl

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This symposium session will see Digital TV Europe editor Stuart Thomson join technology leader CommScope, streaming video delivery and monetisation specialist View TV and research powerhouse Omdia’s Marija Masalskis to look at how service providers can capture a slice of the burgeoning market for addressable advertising.

You will learn why targeting and personalisation is increasingly seen as a necessity for the future of advertising-supported TV, how service providers can play a crucial role and what challenges must be overcome.

  • What business models can work to the benefit of all stakeholders?
  • How can cloud technology enable integrated campaigns and allow advertisers to make the most of available inventory?
  • What are the challenges that stand in the way of delivering a successful addressable advertising business and how can they be overcome?

Speakers include:
Dave Romrell, Engineering Fellow, Advanced Research Group, CommScope
Dr. Jamie Branson, Group Chairman, View TV
Marija Masalskis, Senior Principal Analyst, TV, Video and Advertising, Omdia

Sponsored by CommScope

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TV as an app has become a mainstream way of consuming video, and service providers have followed the trend by looking to establish themselves as super-aggregators of third-party content to complement broadband and voice services. But how can those service providers deliver app-based TV at scale to their existing subscribers as well as new joiners without breaking the bank?

This symposium session sees Chris Linden, COO of ActiveVideo, Phil Cardy, VP of Product Management, Home Networks at CommScope and Luke Pearce, Senior Analyst, Media and Entertainemnt at Omdia join Digital TV Europe’s Stuart Thomson to take on the challenges faced by video service providers as they try to cater to changes in consumption patterns while keeping deployment costs under control, and look at the ways in which cloud technology can help them deliver a differentiated app-based experience.

Speakers include:
Chris Linden, Chief Operating Officer, ActiveVideo
Phil Cardy, VP Product Management, Home Networks, CommScope
Luke Pearce, Senior Analyst, Media and Entertainment, Omdia

Sponsored by ActiveVideo 

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This session will see Digital TV Europe editor Stuart Thomson joined by technology specialist and streaming provider Zattoo and multiplay service provider eir Ireland and Omdia’s Dan Simmons to discuss whether the set-top box will remain the workhorse of the TV industry as viewing migrates to app-based experiences that can be delivered via smart TVs, streaming devices and mobiles.

You will learn how the role of the set-top is changing, whether it will continue to be central to the strategy of pay TV providers and how alternative approaches to delivering content can engage and help retain subscribers.

  • How is the set-top box market evolving and what does this tell us about the strategies and priorities of pay TV providers?
  • What does the evolution of viewing habits and migration to app-based experience mean for the way service providers distribute content to their end-users?
  • What are the advantages and pitfalls of alternative approaches?

Speakers include:

Nicolas Westermann, Head of B2B Product, Zattoo
Justin Farrell, Head of TV Technology, eir Ireland
Daniel Simmons, Research Director, Media Delivery, Omdia

Sponsored by Zattoo 

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