On-demand | DTVE Autumn Symposium 2021

In this session of the latest DTVE Symposium, Digital TV Europe editor Stuart Thomson will be joined by Richard Cross from streaming technology leader Wurl, Maxime Carboni from international news channel Euronews and Matthew Bailey from research powerhouse Omdia to discuss what content providers need to do to ride the FAST wave to maximum advantage.

You will find out why FAST – free, advertising-supported streaming television – is on the rise and what content rightsholders need to build a FAST proposition, as well as some of the challenges and pitfalls that FAST channel operators encounter.

  • What is driving the FAST phenomenon and what is the opportunity in the European market?
  • What are the technical, operational and commercial requirements and how can they best be met?
  • What are the challenges in winning and retaining viewers and what solutions are available to overcome these?

Speakers include:
Richard Cross, Sr. Director of Business Development, Europe, Wurl
Maxime Carboni, Director of International Distribution, Euronews Group
Matthew Bailey, Principal Analyst, Media and Entertainment, Omdia

Sponsored by Wurl

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More sessions to be added once broadcast live 

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