Webinar | What’s next in content delivery

The one constant in the content delivery market is change. With so many new technologies on the horizon, it can be a challenge to keep pace with all the latest trends. This virtual panel will focus on the innovations that will have a substantial impact on the content delivery market over the next few years. 

Join Pedro Bandeira, VP Product & New Business at Deutsche Telekom, and Jim Brickmeier, CPO/CMO at Velocix, in discussion with Andy Waltenspiel to get a read on what’s new, what’s important, and what technologies will drive the greatest transformation in the content delivery market in the years to come.

Discussion topics

  • Multi-CDN technologies and related strategies
  • Immersive experiences, such as cloud gaming and VR/360 video
  • Personalised TV, including individualised content and targeted ads
  • Ultra-low latency, artificial intelligence, and more

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Tags: Velocix