Webinar | Live-streaming: experience, personalisation, monetisation

Live-streaming of sports and other events has grown dramatically recently as new entrants seek to disrupt the market and existing players seek to expand the reach of their offerings.

As connected TV becomes ubiquitous, the opportunity to distribute premium live-streaming experiences is increasing, and content service providers are taking advantage.

This webinar, featuring exclusive data from the DTVE Summer Survey and expert input from research powerhouse Omdia and streaming technology provider Edgecast, will address whether live-streaming can hope to supplant broadcast by providing superior functionality and monetisation, including through addressable advertising.

You will learn:

  • How new viewing functionality in streaming is transforming the experience of watching live sports.
  • How connected TV is throwing up new challenges and opportunities for distributing and making money from live video.
  • How addressable advertising is emerging as an important way to monetise live-streaming as the subscription video market matures.

Speakers include:
Roy Firestone, Principal Product Manager, Edgecast
Matthew Bailey, Principal Analyst, Media and Entertainment, Omdia
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe 

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To prepare for the webinar, please download your copy of the DTVE Summer Survey 2021 Report


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