Still using FTP, WeTransfer & shipping hard drives?

Large media companies understand that using FTP, shipping hard drives, and consumer file sharing services, such as WeTransfer, are slow, unreliable and can create massive security holes. Instead, they rely on modern, enterprise-grade SaaS solutions which make it easy to access and share any size file with speed, reliability and security. Read the Big Files, […]

Webinar | Live-streaming: experience, personalisation, monetisation

Live-streaming of sports and other events has grown dramatically recently as new entrants seek to disrupt the market and existing players seek to expand the reach of their offerings. As connected TV becomes ubiquitous, the opportunity to distribute premium live-streaming experiences is increasing, and content service providers are taking advantage. This webinar, featuring exclusive data […]

eBook | The Race to Scale Live Sports Streaming

e-book: The Race to Scale Live Sports Streaming by Paolo Pescatore Have you noticed the shift towards streaming sport at scale ? All providers need to be better prepared now for the future upcoming major sport events! “While it represents challenges in delivering at scale, the future of sports viewing is transitioning towards streaming which […]

Webinar | FAST channels: building a brand and winning viewers

With multiple streaming choices available to consumers, content rightsholders are turning to Free Advertising-supported Streaming Television (FAST) to increase their growth in this sector. Content owners must build compelling offerings that make high-quality content visible to consumers bombarded with a range of entertainment options on their TV platforms and mobile apps. Join Stuart Thomson, Digital TV Europe Editor, and his panel […]

Report | The Emerging Viewership Landscape

The pandemic accelerated an already changing TV landscape – driven in large part by adoption of Smart TVs and proliferation of streaming platforms. As we start to settle into a new state of viewership, we can start to identify what habits are likely to stick post pandemic, and how those may differ across regions. For […]

Webinar | AI, Analytics and Keeping the Customer

The application of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technology by service providers to improve service quality, customer engagement, and ultimately customer retention is still in its early stage, however, the transformative potential is becoming increasingly apparent. Join Stuart Thomson, Digital TV Europe’s editor, and Till Sudworth, NPAW chief marketing officer to find out how AI […]

AWS EMEA Media & Entertainment Symposium

The Art of Possible: Cloud-native Television Media and Entertainment organisations with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and partners are reinventing the way they create content, optimize media supply chains, and compete for audience attention across streaming and broadcast platforms. Are you up-to-date with the ‘Art of Possible’ when it comes to the deploying […]

DTVE Summer Industry Survey 2021

Between the impact of the global pandemic, the launch of multiple streaming services and moves towards consolidation, the video distribution business has changed dramatically over the last year. Because things are transforming so rapidly, Digital TV Europe recently carried out its first mid-year survey to find out what industry decision-makers think about some of the […]

Moving Media Assets into and out of the Cloud

Most media companies are not moving all their assets to cloud storage but are looking to the cloud to provide elasticity when there’s an unexpected surge in storage needs—for backup and disaster recovery, or as part of more complex workflows. And in an industry that deals with huge files, complex supply chains and growing security […]

On-demand | DTVE Autumn Symposium 2021

In this session of the latest DTVE Symposium, Digital TV Europe editor Stuart Thomson will be joined by Richard Cross from streaming technology leader Wurl, Maxime Carboni from international news channel Euronews and Matthew Bailey from research powerhouse Omdia to discuss what content providers need to do to ride the FAST wave to maximum advantage. […]