Survey | Outsource, automate, optimise: how to meet the video delivery challenge in a hyper-competitive environment

The growing complexity of video delivery in a hyper-competitive environment means that TV operators and media companies are under growing pressure to cut costs while maintaining the high levels of service crucial to minimise churn and customer dissatisfaction. To rise to this challenge, media companies are in many cases turning to specialised outsourcing and automation […]

The “Intelligence” in Intelligent File Transfer

In today’s complex hybrid cloud, multi-cloud world, media assets are anywhere and everywhere and so is the associated metadata. While Signiant is well known for our ability to move large files fast, what may be less familiar is Signiant’s involvement with metadata. In order to deliver on the ‘intelligence’ in our intelligent file transfer software, […]

eBook | How Edge Compute Transforms Digital Experiences

Deliver optimized digital experiences for your customers by leveraging the combination of edge cloud and a global private CDN. As user expectations for rich media experiences have evolved, so too have the technologies that deliver optimized digital experiences that meet today’s demanding expectations. The marriage between modern content delivery networks and edge compute offers content […]

Case Study | HbbTV on Android TV Operator Tier box

Zattoo is pioneering TV distribution tech once again by launching HbbTV on its latest state of the art Android TV Operator Tier certified 4K/UHD set-top box. By implementing HbbTV within a Zattoo Android TV application operators can benefit both from the best in TV technology while giving subscribers access to their proven functionality. HbbTV’s self-stated […]

Webinar | Digital Piracy: the growing threat and how to fight it

COVID-19 has boosted online content consumption including premium VOD and streaming sports. But it also means that high-quality digital content is more vulnerable to theft. The stakes for content asset owners have never been higher. To combat piracy, industry players must work together and tap the power of advanced techniques such as digital watermarking and […]

Report | The UI and the customer: editorialisation, personalisation and engagement

The TV user interface is the shop window of TV services, providing operators with a way to communicate their content proposition directly to subscribers. As content offerings converge and operators look to aggregate multiple apps, the UI is also becoming ever more important as a differentiator in its own right. But what qualities does a […]

Report | The Psychology of a Subscriber

Does your SVOD brand behave like a ‘narcissist’ when it comes to understanding and engaging with subscribers? Knowing exactly what your subscribers think and feel about their service has never been more important. That’s why Singula Decisions conducted an in-depth qualitative study to explore the psychological and emotional drivers that consumers experience when subscribing to […]

DTVE Digital Symposium 2020 | Reap the benefits from a shared OTT platform: Zapi’s success story in Spain

As the technology infrastructure for advanced video services continues evolving exponentially, how can tier II and III providers effectively compete with larger providers for subscribers while maintaining their advantage of subscriber proximity? In September 2020, Plataforma Multimedia de Operadores (PMO) entered the Spanish video market with Zapi, the country’s first OTT platform. Combining an advanced […]

Report | The state of online video 2020

Online Video consumption continues to grow in popularity. According to Limelight’s State of Online Video 2020 research average viewing time is up 16% from last year. Are you ready to take the next steps to online video delivery? Before you do so, arm yourself with all the facts you need by researching the viewing habits […]