Ooyala’s State of the Broadcast Industry 2019 Report

Ooyala’s State of the Broadcast Industry 2019 report helps make sense of the evolving world of broadcasters, operators, tech companies and studios as OTT increasingly becomes the focal point of their future plans: A massive surge of major streaming services into the market Acceleration of M&E M&A activity as broadcasters look to build content empires […]

eBook I Unite fans worldwide with cloud-based OTT

Technology has caught up to sports fans who want to connect 24/7 with their favorite teams. In September 2018 the NFL alone accounted for approximately 3% of all streaming plays and viewing hours in the US. This e-book explains how purpose-built media services and solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Elemental use the […]

eBook I What Video Providers Need to Know about Cloud Video

As video quality, accessibility and utility skyrockets, the ways video providers create and deliver professional-grade video services is changing dramatically. Are you a video provider? If so, this e-book details what you need to know now, and how to prepare for the future. Download it and learn about… How video providers are adapting to a […]

Whitepaper I What can Artificial Intelligence (really) do for your video business?

Today’s entertainment industry technology vendors are reeling off jargon like “AI”, “machine learning”, and “deep learning”, touting the benefits these technologies promise. It can be difficult for video server provider decision makers to discern between the future promise of AI and what is truly feasible and effective today. In this white-paper you will learn what […]

Whitepaper | Applying Online Marketing Best Practices to TV Businesses

How can you make the most of your data? Read this whitepaper to discover how to: Leverage insights from analyzing your customer behavior to create higher engagement Learn tactics from effective online marketing that can be applied to TV businesses Optimize revenue streams and content investments based on informed, data-based decisions Download the whitepaper

Webinar I Preparing for glory in 2019: are you peak ready?

Last year’s FIFA World Cup – the most-streamed on Akamai’s platform to date – saw traffic peak at a staggering 22.52Tbps during the France-Belgium semi-final. And as more and more content is watched online, today’s peaks will become tomorrow’s averages. The ceiling has yet to come, and it probably never will — which means a […]

NAGRA’s Pay-TV Innovation Forum 2018 Global Findings Report

NAGRA’s Pay-TV Innovation Forums 2018 Global Findings report is available for download! A sample of the key findings reveals that: 84 percent of pay-TV executives expect competition for paid-for video services to increase dramatically over the next five years As TV and OTT converge, the pay-TV industry is evolving towards a platform-agnostic model, transitioning into […]

Fact sheet | Profitably Reach More Viewers, in More Places

Do you want to quickly reach new viewers in Europe to capture new revenue opportunities? Intelsat, in partnership with Encompass Digital Media, allows you to connect to the world’s premier cable, broadcast and direct-to-home (DTH) systems for maximum audience reach. Leading media companies rely on Intelsat’s video neighborhoods to efficiently distribute channels to a global […]

A Practical Guide to Deploying Cloud-Based Video Services

AWS Media Services are designed to give you an easy path to cloud-based video processing and delivery. Virtually limitless capacity, performance to scale, the latest proven video standards, formats and protocols – yes, but much more as well. Download the Practical Guide to understand the benefits of five new AWS Media Services and how to […]