Whitepaper I Taking entertainment across borders: building OTT for the masses

OTT services have transformed the media industry, and now we have thousands of services that are catering to masses and niches with loads of entertainment content. The level of complexity for providers has risen multi-folds because now the digital outreach has increased globally and the user-base for a typical platform reaches millions. Especially when the […]

Whitepaper | Winning the Streaming Wars With a Marketing – First Strategy

Winning the streaming wars with a marketing-first strategy The race to conquer the streaming space is becoming increasingly competitive. No one knows how the streaming wars will end, but it is quite clear that streaming is here to stay. In order to introduce next-generation TV experiences and stay ahead of the competition, streaming services must […]

eBook: Use the cloud to deliver great fan experiences

Learn how broadcasters, rights holders, and disruptors are delivering great live sports experiences with the cloud Download our e-book to learn how organizations of any size can use leading-edge cloud media technologies to create immersive over-the-top (OTT) live sports experiences. Cost-effective, purpose-built AWS Elemental and Amazon Web Services (AWS) services and solutions help you deliver […]

Guide: Your Next Good Decision – Moving Your Video Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Benefits of moving your disaster recovery to the cloud Ensuring video continuity with rapid and robust disaster recovery solutions is crucial for TV providers of all sizes – whether during live broadcasts, or linear programming. By moving their disaster recovery systems to the cloud, TV providers gain a wide range of benefits including faster reactivity, […]

Whitepaper | Low latency for Live Streaming

Low Latency & High QoE for Live Video Streaming Contributions by Harmonic, Akamai, THEOplayer, Viaccess-Orca and NexStreaming As the demand for streamed video content continues to grow, including for live events, the challenge is meeting the increasing expectations of audiences in terms of quality of experience. Low latency is a key factor in this quality […]

E-Guide: Best practices for an effective, engaging media app

DOWNLOAD “FROM MEDIA TO MEDIA+: TECHNOLOGY TO BUILD A MORE RESILIENT & ENGAGING MEDIA BRAND” Success requires that extra “plus factor,” in effect polishing and strengthening your media brand into a superior media brand, what we like to call media+. We’ve learned all the secrets of our customers’ successes and organized them in this new […]

Report I The State of Online Video

As consumer adoption of online video has increased, patience for video interruptions is at an all-time low. Missed moments spoil live online viewing experiences, which means that providers must ensure low latency to lure viewers away from traditional TV. Limelight Realtime Streaming solves this problem by enabling organizations to stream live video in less than […]

eBook I Automate your media workflows in the cloud

Transform how media is created, distributed, and monetized The cloud opens opportunities for you to improve your media workflows. Using solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can produce content faster, manage your assets better, and deliver media smoothly. The well-architected, one-click deployment solutions help along all stages of the media value chain: • Content […]

Interested in entering the VideoTech Innovation Awards 2019?

The brand new VideoTech Innovation Awards from Digital TV Europe and sister publication TBI – Television Business International celebrate innovation in video services and the technologies that enable them. The awards honour the achievements of companies and individuals that bring video content to people worldwide. The shortlist will be announced in September and the winners […]

eBook I What Video Providers Need to Know about Cloud Video

As video quality, accessibility and utility skyrockets, the ways video providers create and deliver professional-grade video services is changing dramatically. Are you a video provider? If so, this e-book details what you need to know now, and how to prepare for the future. Download it and learn about; • How video providers are adapting to […]

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