What’s Driving the Live Streaming Revolution – Webinar

Demand for live streaming is accelerating fast and even traditional broadcasters are joining the game. The latest streaming technologies are transforming quality of experience and bringing content providers new opportunities for monetization – as well as greater flexibility. This webinar will discuss exclusive data from Digital TV Europe’s annual industry survey. Stuart Thomson of Digital […]

Report | The Evolution of Video Streaming

Video Streaming is experiencing explosive growth and on track to hit a mind-boggling $11.9 billion by 2024. This in-depth report from IDC covers the influences and implications of video streaming and provides insights on how to capitalize on this opportunity. Download this paper to find out: What’s driving emerging trends in video streaming Which use […]

White Paper | The Benefits of Bionic Video Distribution Monitoring

Today, many video and TV providers rely on customer service and social media channels to hear from consumers where the biggest quality problems are. In many cases, the customer service helpdesk goes through a script that ends with unnecessary service engineer roll-outs or hardware replacements. This way of working needs to change, as it not […]

DTVE Summer Industry Survey 2021 – Sponsorship opportunities

Digital TV Europe is proud to announce the first instalment of its Summer Industry Survey, kicking off this month, with the findings published in September 2021. If you missed it, take a look at our winter edition here. The summer survey will have a revised format and include open questions. The Survey will provide a […]

DTVE Digital Symposium 2021

  The digital video business is facing unprecedented change, with the migration of consumers to streaming services, mobile video and on-demand consumption, and a new wave of media mega-mergers. The pace of change has only accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Join DTVE in partnership with research powerhouse Omdia for a two-day symposium […]

White Paper | HbbTV OpApp A unified, operator branded experience on Smart TVs

Nowadays, the majority of TV consumers use Smart TVs as opposed to “non-smart” TVs to watch linear TV content. In order to watch non-linear content such as Restart TV, Catch-Up TV and Video on Demand, the use of a streaming application is generally needed. Such streaming apps are widely available and downloadable either directly on […]

Webinar | Innovations in Cloud Media Processing: New Solutions for Video Supply Chain Pipelines

The world’s leading broadcasters and streaming service providers all rely on cloud-based SaaS media platforms for their VOD processing workflows. Now you too can take advantage of these same technologies for your transcoding and packaging pipelines rather than continuing to invest in expensive, proprietary encoders. As the global leader in powering cloud-based, high-volume video workflows […]

Webinar | Emerging hybrid multi-cloud models: Which one is right for you?

Join us for an in-depth analysis and discussion about how the media and entertainment sector has applied the latest cloud computing models across its operations, while still securing its most valuable assets. Speakers from research firm Omdia, content security provider Verimatrix, and global provider of cloud computing services Amazon Web Services (AWS) will share insights […]

A Modern Approach to Secure, Inter-company Content Exchange

Media and entertainment companies increasingly rely on a network of external partnerships at various stages of content production. Each time assets move between organizations, there are likely new security considerations, auditing requirements, as well as new storage locations and types. This growing complexity across the media supply chain demands a new approach – one that […]

Webinar | OTT Discovery: Expert insights on how to stand out amongst the crowd

In 2021, online video is firmly at the centre stage of a global audio-visual industry that was once dominated by pay-TV and physical home video. The rapid propagation of online video services means it’s a more competitive market for up-and-coming OTT services than ever before. This webinar explores how today’s audiences discover new online video […]

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