EGuide | Tips on how to get the most out of your network

More platforms, larger file sizes, tighter deadlines, content globalization and the growing complexity of the media supply chain are causing organizations to modernize their technology stacks and upgrade their networks. On the surface, it may seem that moving large files from one location to another is relatively simple and that a faster pipe is all you need, but it turns out there’s much more to it.

Read this guide, The Bandwidth Conundrum: Why a bigger pipe alone doesn’t lead to faster file transfers and how to get the most out of your network, to learn:

  • The differences between bandwidth and throughput
  • When to use UDP, when to use TCP and how intelligent file transfer makes decisions on the fly
  • How the right software can help with network latency, packet loss and congestion
  • Why Signiant technology helps you get the most of your network

Before you upgrade your network, be sure to make it worth it.