DTVE Digital Symposium 2021 | Enabling the smart home experience

Delivering a superior smart home experience is a potential game-changer for service providers. As the classic triple-play comes under pressure from the unbundling of TV and communications services, offering support for high-quality streaming with ubiquitous in-home connectivity and rock-solid cybersecurity could be a unique selling point for broadband operators that really sets them apart from ‘dumb-pipe’ competitors. Enabling the smart […]

Report | Outsource, automate, optimise: how to meet the video delivery challenge in a hyper-competitive environment

TV service providers have to deal with increasingly complex demands to keep their customers happy. The increasing cost of maintaining TV operations and Quality of Service in a highly competitive market is leading them to look for alternative ways to deliver high-quality services while avoiding costs running out of control. Digital TV Europe surveyed over […]

White Paper | Into the Cloud: Migration Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities for Media Companies

Consumers are increasingly turning to streaming and on-demand viewing. Competition from streaming providers is intensifying and broadcasters and content service providers are looking to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud to enable them to keep costs under control, scale new services quickly and compete effectively. Tapping the power of the cloud to deliver services more […]

Are you getting the best performance from your network?

Most media companies are upgrading their networks to better support remote workflows, more complex global supply chains and growing file sizes. What many are finding, though, is optimizing network performance is a battle and more bandwidth on its own doesn’t do the trick. Download the latest installment of the Metadata Everywhere Series: Winning the Battle […]

Whitepaper | Tales from the OTT Frontline

Six successful streaming services provide insights into how they survive the streaming wars. For over a decade, 24i’s end-to-end solutions have enabled dozens of OTT services to reach consumers on every kind of streaming device. Six of them have shared their stories with us. Get practical tips and advice as you learn how these services […]

DTVE Digital Symposium sessions

Join DTVE in partnership with research powerhouse Omdia for our next symposium on some of the key trends driving change in digital video. Industry experts including video service providers, technologists and top analysts discuss some of the most pressing issues and opportunities confronting the industry. Symposium sessions*: 23 March   Topic: Android TV Android TV has […]

Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2021

Digital TV Europe’s sixth annual survey provides a unique snapshot of industry insiders’ views on the key issues and trends facing the digital video business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several hundred executives from 39 countries answered our call to share their views on the eight topic areas covered in this year’s survey. […]

Guide | Still using FTP, WeTransfer and shipping hard drives?

Large media companies understand that using FTP, shipping hard drives, and consumer file sharing services, such as WeTransfer, are slow, unreliable and can create massive security holes. Instead, they rely on modern, enterprise-grade SaaS solutions which make it easy to access and share any size file with speed, reliability and security. And especially today, with […]

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