Report | Beyond just content: Why QoS, QoE and UX are paramount for achieving differentiation in the streaming space

The content arms race is forcing industry executives to look beyond exclusive content to differentiate digital TV strategies. To compete effectively in such a crowded market space, offering a consistent and engaging user experience, – while at the same time matching video quality with that of broadcast, has become a necessity for OTTs.

There’s no denying it, today’s pay TV and SVOD providers must work harder than ever to offer an exemplary level of service quality coupled with relevant content to encourage customer loyalty.

But why? In this exclusive 2019 report, we delve deeper into this fascinating topic to uncover why a focus on content alone just isn’t enough. What are industry leaders doing right now and what can we learn from them? How are traditional business models transforming in 2019 and beyond? Why is quality content not enough to inspire customer acquisition and retention? Why must quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE) and user experience (UX) all be taken into consideration by players – telcos, broadcasters, OTTs – hoping to achieve differentiation and come out on top in the incredibly saturated streaming space? Find out everything you need to know right here in this report.

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