Webinar | OTT Discovery: Expert insights on how to stand out amongst the crowd

In 2021, online video is firmly at the centre stage of a global audio-visual industry that was once dominated by pay-TV and physical home video. The rapid propagation of online video services means it’s a more competitive market for up-and-coming OTT services than ever before.

This webinar explores how today’s audiences discover new online video services and content and what OTT providers can do to stand out amongst the crowd.

Join Magine Pro, Omdia, Digital TV Europe and experienced OTT operators for in-depth analysis and discussion on consumer behaviours around online streaming services and content discoverability, based on original research by Omdia on behalf of Magine Pro.

The session will feature:

  • A first look at Omdia’s research on behalf of Magine Pro into consumer behaviours around online video. Attendees also get first access to the report via a download link after the session.
  • How consumer behaviour is evolving; the key trends and differences between European countries and the US.
  • How today’s audiences are discovering new online video services and content, and what OTT operators can do to influence how customers behave.
  • Expert OTT operators share their experiences of improving service and content discoverability and discuss the opportunities and challenges for new operators.

Webinar Speakers
Matthew Wilkinson, CEO, Magine Pro
Rishi Kapoor, Founder & CEO, paus
Sophie de Mac Mahon, General Manager, FlixOlé
Tony Gunnarsson, Principal Analyst, TV, Video & Advertising, Omdia
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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