DTVE’s March symposium announced

Join DTVE in partnership with research powerhouse Omdia for our next symposium on some of the key trends driving change in digital video. Industry experts including video service providers, technologists and top analysts discuss some of the most pressing issues and opportunities confronting the industry.

Symposium sessions*:

Day One  (booked)
Topic: Android TV
Android TV has grown in popularity thanks to its ability to deliver a compelling user experience and a vast choice of content, while TV operators have benefited from the scale and flexibility of the platform.
However, operators now need to look beyond the Android TV device to maximise the benefits of the platform.

Day Two
Topic: 5G and video
5G rollouts are now accelerating and service providers are looking for applications that will drive take-up. Video services are likely to be key to inspire consumer interest.

Day Three 
Topic: Combatting piracy (booked)
As streaming becomes the de facto leading way to consume video, the threat of illicit distribution and consumption is growing and changing shape. What can be done to combat the threat to legitimate service providers’ revenue?

Day Four
Topic: App-based TV
The growing popularity of streaming and the habit of viewing content on multiple devices means that the app is fast emerging as the default viewing experience for a wide range of content.

Day Five 
Topic: Cloud video migration (booked)
Service providers are increasingly looking to deliver some or all of their services via IP from the cloud, saving time and money and potentially giving themselves greater flexibility. What does this shift mean, what are the costs and benefits and what approach makes the best sense?

Day Six 
Topic: Streaming and the consumer experience
Consumers now expect high-quality streaming video available to all devices. But how can operators and OTT video service providers ensure that high quality is available at all times, anywhere inside and outside the home?

*These sessions may be permutated with others looking at different topics that DTVE would like to explore this year, listed further below.

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The DTVE Digital Symposium comes as the complete solution and includes: symposium session set-up, development and production, speaker recruitment, promotion, management and reporting.

The DTVE Digital Symposium allows you to reach and engage with TV operators globally through a thought-leadership digital event and generate qualified leads.

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Speakers will include the Omdia Analysts:
  • Maria Rua Aguete, Senior Research Director, Media and Entertainment, Omdia
  • Daniel Simmons, Research Director, Media Delivery, Omdia
  • John Kendall, Principal Analyst, Media Delivery, Omdia
  • Fateha Begum, Principal Analyst, Consumer Research, Omdia
  • Tony Gunarsson, Principal Analyst, Online Video, Omdia
  • Stelios Kotakis, Senior Analyst, Media Delivery, Omdia
  • Max Signorelli, Research Analyst, TV and Online Video, Omdia
  • Moderator: Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe