Webinar | Outsource, automate, optimise: how to meet the video delivery challenge in a hyper-competitive environment

TV service providers have to deal with increasingly complex demands to keep their customers happy. The increasing cost of maintaining TV operations and Quality of Service in a highly competitive market is leading them to look for alternative ways to deliver high-quality services while avoiding costs running out of control.

In this webinar, Digital TV Europe editor Stuart Thomson will unveil the results of Digital TV Europe’s survey of over 100 industry executives on challenges, practises and approaches. He will discuss these with Daniel Bakker, Video Delivery Expert from Bionic TV Operations Company Divitel, while Kedar Mohite, Principal Consultant, Media Technology at Omdia will provide insight based on data from the research specialist’s comprehensive survey of digital service providers.

  • Are TV operators’ costs becoming unsustainable?
  • What do media companies need to think about when investing in operations?
  • Is outsourcing accelerating and does it make sense?
  • What role can automation and software-as-a-service tools play?

Webinar Speakers:
Daniel Bakker,
Video Delivery Expert, Divitel B.V.
Kedar Mohite, Principal Consultant, Media Technology, Omdia
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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