DTVE Digital Symposium 2021 | Android TV: how operators can amplify the benefits in the era of the cloud

In this session of the latest DTVE Digital Symposium, Digital TV Europe’s editor Stuart Thomson will be joined by experts from technology leader TiVo, US service provider TDS and research powerhouse Omdia to discuss how operators can amplify the benefits of their Android TV deployment to take full advantage of a cloud infrastructure.

In this session you will find out why you need more than just an Android TV device to build an experience your customers are going to want to use day after day.

  • Find out how service providers can leverage their Android TV deployments to provide a superior experience to their customers.
  • Discover how they can tap cloud-based platforms such as TiVo’s Next-Gen platform to deliver additional value.
  • Hear how to build on Android TV deployments to monetise TV services effectively.

In her opening presentation, Omdia’s Fateha Begum will address:

  • How Android TV addresses shifts in the video market and consumers’ behaviours and expectations.
  • The need for a superior user experience as consumers access more services, content and devices than ever before and how Android TV addresses consumer pain points and expectations in content discovery.
  • Operators need to build on and beyond the Android TV platform to bring new monetisation opportunities to suit shifting media consumption habits.

Webinar Speakers:
Nic Wilson, Head of Customer Success, TiVo
Steve Mathesius, Director – Technology Integration, TDS Telecom
Fateha Begum, Principal Analyst, Consumer Research, Omdia
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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