Webinar | Protecting Streaming Revenue: 20 Years and Counting of DRMaaS

As EZDRM marks 20 years in the streaming security industry, we thought that it would be fun to take an illustrated tour through the technology and marketplace changes over that time with some of our long-time colleagues and partners. Consider just a few of the transitions we have lived through – from Flash to CMAF, from browser plug-ins to integrated EME, from software-only security to pervasive hardware support, from interesting technical sideshow to globally dominant service empires. Not to mention the dramatic change in delivery networks that has made TV over the Internet a realistic business proposition.

A lot of things have changed and improved to help underpin the business of streaming, but we all still face many misconceptions and challenges. With perspectives from our partners across the industry, we believe this lively conversation will illustrate how the evolution of the landscape over this time has been bumpy, but also truly remarkable. What are the likely next stages of that evolution and where should we be looking for new innovation?

We would love you to join us on this journey and add your own personal observations to enrich the story and the learning experience. The key takeaways should certainly include a healthy perspective on how rapidly change does happen – and sometimes where it doesn’t. And you can guarantee there will be some gazing in the crystal ball to try and discern the future of the streaming marketplace.

Speakers include:

Olga Kornienko, COO and co-founder, EZDRM
David Eisenbacher, CEO and co-founder, EZDRM
Will Law, Chief Architect – Edge Technology Group, Akamai Technologies
Andy Beach, CTO for Media and Entertainment, Microsoft
Tricia Iboshi, CEO, Videon
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe- Moderator

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