Teleste launches new amp for European cable market

Broadband technology outfit Teleste has launched the CX4 compact dual output amplifier, designed for cable network operators and described as as the first amplifier of its kind in Europe, featuring compatibility to both 1.8 GHz and 1.2 GHz networks.

Building upon the CX3 platform, the CX4 is designed to enable operators to take most out of their existing DOCSIS 3.1 networks, as well as the upcoming network generations, including DOCSIS 4.0, according to Teleste. Operators are able to install the amplifier in their 1.2 GHz networks today and later upgrade to 1.8 GHz with different split frequencies between upstream and downstream.

The CX4’s return path reaches up to 492 MHz, set through diplexers and filter modules.

According to Teleste, the amplifier boasts a high gain return amplifier, integrated to the motherboard. The device also features a Power Save mode that allows operators to optimize power consumption in relation to the needed network signal levels.

The CX4 is equipped with ingress control switches, making it more efficient to detect and control ingress issues and helping operators minimise service outages. The switches can be operated remotely via an optional module.

The CX4 features an interface with push-button controls with configuration made using electrical circuits, controlled seamlessly by the push buttons. Teleste says it can also withstand challenging environmental conditions, with a IP67-rated enclosure.

Separately Teleste has named Esa Korolainen as its new SVP of operations and a member of the management group, effective May 27.

Korolainen, who replaces long-serving Markus Mattila, will be responsible for overseeing Teleste’s manufacturing, procurement, and logistics operations.

“I’m excited to embrace new challenges alongside Teleste’s outstanding team. Joining a group of seasoned professionals as part of the company’s ongoing success story is truly motivating,” said Korolainen.

“The broadband technology, video surveillance, and information solutions markets are rapidly evolving, and I am eager to contribute to them from an operations, procurement, and logistics perspective. Also Teleste’s strategic focus on expanding in North America brings new opportunities and expectations for developing the supply chain and delivery network.”

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