Webinar | FAST opportunities and challenges: the industry’s view

Free advertising-supported streaming television (FAST) has attracted a huge amount of industry attention in recent months as content rights holders look for opportunities to further monetise their assets. But defining a FAST proposition and its place in an overall content strategy is still a work in progress.
What do industry players need to do to make the most of the FAST opportunity and what are the challenges that stand in their way?
In this webinar on the present and future of FAST you will learn:
  • What the industry’s leading professionals really think about FAST, based on the results of DTVE’s recent survey.
  • Where does FAST stand now and what are its prospects, with exclusive data from leading analyst group OMDIA.
  • What do content rights holders need to do to make the most of the FAST opportunity.

Speakers include:

Matthew Bailey. Principal Analyst, Media and Entertainment, Omdia
Rob Gambino, Channel Origination and Delivery, Harmonic
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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