European TV accounts for just 21% of episodes on SVOD services

European TV content accounts for just 24% of all episodes found in European TVOD catalogues and 21% of all episodes found on European SVOD services, according to a new report.

The European Audiovisual Observatory study said that among this European content, national TV shows represent the majority of episodes on transactional video-on-demand services (63%), but a minority on SVOD services (19%).

Among non-European content, US content represents the vast majority on TVOD services (92%) but a smaller share on SVOD (66%) services, which offer more diverse content by following a “long tail strategy”.

The size of catalogues were also found to strongly differ both in terms of the identity of unique TV series titles and the total number of episodes – ranging from nine TV series titles with 219 available episodes on Voyo in Slovenia to 1,253 series titles with 33,736 available episodes on Netflix in the UK.

There were also discrepancies between different national versions of multi-country or pan-European services. For instance Netflix was found to offer 464 unique titles with 13,749 episodes in Italy, but the aforementioned 1,253 titles and 33,736 episodes in the UK.

“Horizon is a particular case offering 15 unique titles that account for 263 episodes in the Czech Republic, while on Horizon in Germany, with 17 unique titles the service reaches 2 674 episodes. This is due to the German catalogue being mainly composed of long-running German series,” according to the research.

The report covered 90 VOD country catalogues corresponding to 23 national VOD services/catalogues and 12 pan-European and multi-country services that add up to 67 different catalogues.

On the SVOD front this included: Amazon in two countries; C More in five countries; Horizon in four territories; Voyo in two countries; and Netflix with 27 country catalogues.

The TVOD services included: Apple’s iTunes in three countries; Chili TV in five countries; Microsoft in 11 territories; Rakuten in five countries; SF Anytime with three catalogues; Google Play Series with one catalogue; and Sony Playstation in one country.

Access the full report by clicking here.

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