Portuguese pay TV market sees slight growth

Despite a global trend towards cord-cutting, the pay TV market in Portugal grew in the first quarter of the year. According to Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), 94% of households in the country had a pay TV service in Q1 2022, up 0.4% year-over-year. The total number of pay TV subscriptions was up 126,000 (3%) […]

Pay TV growth in Portugal

The number of pay TV subscribers in Portugal has increased, despite cord-cutting trends across Europe. According to regulator ANACOM, 94.2% of households in the country subscribed to pay TV services in H1 2021. This was up 5% year-over-year. Overall, there were 4.3 million subscribers to subscription TV signal distribution service, up 147 thousand subscribers (+3.5%) […]

Portuguese pay TV sector benefits from fibre offers

Portugal’s pay TV sector experienced a marginal increase to its subscriber base in Q1 2021. According to ANACOM, there were 4.3 million subscribers to subscription TV services in Portugal at the end of Q1. This is up 153,000 (3.7%) from the same period in 2020. The report notes that the growth could largely be attributed […]

Nine in 10 Portuguese homes subscribe to pay TV services

Almost the eternity of Portugal subscribes to a pay TV service, according to the country’s communications regulator Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM). A new report from the regulator found that, in Q3 2020, nine out of every 10 households were receiving TV via a subscription. This represents a growth of 3.6% year-over-year. The number of […]

Portugal pay TV industry sees growth

The pay TV industry in Portugal has seen modest growth of 4.1% in the first half of 2020, bucking an international cord-cutting trend. According to Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), the country’s national regulatory authority for the communications sector, 89.3% of Portuguese households have a pay TV subscription, up 3.3% in the same period of […]

Portugal pushes back DTT migration

Portugal has pushed back the migration of digital-terrestrial TV services to clear the 700MHz spectrum for 5G by nine days because of delays to essential work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Altice Portugal/Meo, which is responsible for the transition informed regulator ANACOM on July 10 that it needed to change the timetable to he unavailability […]

Portugal sees biggest pay TV subscriber growth in four years

Pay TV subscribers in Portugal increased by 160,000 in Q1 2020, the strongest year-over-year growth for the country since 2016. According to Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Anacom) – Portugal’s national regulatory authority for the communications sector – there were 4.1 million subscribers by the end of March. This translates to 89% of households in the […]

Portuguese turning on to bundled offerings

The number of Portuguese subscribers to bundled services reached 4.1 million at the end of the first quarter, up 4.4% year-on-year, according to data released by regulator ANACOM. Growth in uptake of these offers, which had been decelerating since 2015, appears to have been given fresh impetus last year by the popularity of quadruple and […]

Pay TV continues to grow in Portugal, driven by FTTH

Pay TV is continuing to grow in Portugal, which saw a 4.1% rise in subscriber numbers in the year to March, taking total pay TV penetration to 89%. Numbers grew by 160,000 over the year to reach 4.1 million, according to statistics compiled by regulator ANACOM. Growth was primarily driven by bundled offerings over fibre-to-the-home […]

Over half of Portuguese broadband now fibre

Over half of Portuguese fixed broadband connections were via fibre by the end of 2019, according to data released by telecom regulator ANACOM. According to the watchdog’s statistics, 50.6% of fixed broadband connections were fibre at the end of last year, compared with 45.2% a year earlier. The number of connected lines increased by 297,000 […]

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