ANACOM forces Meo to reduce charges for digital-terrestrial transmission

Portuguese regulator ANACOM has ruled that Altice-owned incumbent telco PT Telecom/Meo must reduce the charges it levies to transmit digital-terrestrial TV channels on the DTT multiplex it operates.

ANACOM has determined that Meo must reduce the price it charges for transmission of the DTT channels operated by Public broadcaster RTP and commercial broadcasters TVI and SIC by 15.16% per Mbps.

The ruling follows a price analysis carried out by the regulator that found that the prices currently in force, agreed between Meo and the TV operators, do not comply with one of the principles of the current law governing such services, since they exceed a price limit that was included in the tender to operate DTT multiple A.

Meo now has 10 working days to reduce the prices it charges and to communicate the revised prices to the TV operators.


Tags: Anacom, Meo, Portugal

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