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OTT churn down in US as pandemic accelerates vMVPD adoption

The churn rate for OTT services in the US is down, according to a new study. According to figures from Parks Associates, OTT churn for Q3 2020 was at 38%, down from 46% in Q3 2019. This represents subscribers who have cancelled a service as a percentage of the current subscriber base. vMVPDs, which typically […]

SVOD stacking becoming the norm in the US

SVOD stacking is increasingly becoming the norm, with a new report highlighting that almost two-thirds of Americans subscribe to multiple streamers. According to new figures from Parks Associates, 61% of US broadband households subscribe to two or more OTT services – up from 48% in Q3 2019. Almost half (45%) subscribe to three or more […]

‘Big three’ continue to dominate US SVOD chart, but newer players having an impact

Netflix has once again emerged as the top subscription streamer in the US, but the impact of newer players is being felt in the market. According to Parks Associate’s update list of the top 10 US SVOD services through to September 2020, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney-owned Hulu continue to make up the top […]

Almost 300 OTT services in US, but no signs of user fatigue

While it would appear that users are not suffering from subscription fatigue, the vast number of OTT services has been laid bare by a new report.  According to research from Parks Associates, in Q3 there were a total of almost 300 OTT services in the US. That is more than double the total in 2014. […]

Pay TV penetration continues downward trend in US

Almost two-thirds of US households are still subscribed to a traditional pay TV operator, but that amount is decreasing. According to New Parks Associates consumer research, 62% of US broadband households subscribe to a traditional pay TV service via a cable or satellite provider, down from 69% in Q1 2019. The firm points out that […]

OTT churn increases in US during pandemic

The churn rate of US OTT services increased to 41% in Q1 2020 up from 35% in Q1 2019. According to Parks Associates, an increasing number of US broadband households cancelled at least one OTT subscription in the early part of the year, with a significant number also utilising the free trials offered by streamers […]

Smart TV penetration at over 50% in US

A new report has found that more than half of US broadband households now own at least one smart TV. According to Parks Associates, 54% of US homes now have smart TVs and that smart TVs are the primary platform for video services. The report also found that more than six million US broadband households […]

A majority of Americans signed up to OTT services during lockdown

More than three quarters of Americans subscribed to an OTT service during the period of lockdown. According to new research from Parks Associates, 76% of US broadband households subscribed to an OTT video service in Q1 2020, while the churn rate for streaming services was 41%. Of the 10,000 surveyed respondents, OTT actually had a […]

Disney+ and Apple TV+ fourth and fifth biggest US SVODs

Disney+ and Apple TV+ have already built substantial subscriber bases in the US to become the fourth biggest SVODs in the country. According to new research from Parks Associates, the streamers have rounded out the ‘big three’ (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu) to create a ‘big six’ or sorts. Disney+, with a global total […]

Churn on the up among US OTT operators

In news that will serve to trouble streaming players, churn amongst OTT operators is increasing claims a new report. According to a new study from Parks Associates, the churn rate among all OTT services in 2019 was 35%. This is up from 25% in 2019 and a trend that operators will want to curb. Of […]

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