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Smart TV penetration rising rapidly in US, says Parks

New research from Parks Associates released at CES 2023 shows 63% of US internet households own a smart TV, up from 38% in 2015. With smart TV penetration also expected to hit 50% on a global basis by 2026, Parks’ data suggests plenty of room for growth in the burgeoning ad-supported FAST channel market. Unveiling […]

Amazon Prime knocks Netflix off streaming top spot in the US

Fresh data from US research firm Parks Associates shows that Amazon Prime has dethroned Netflix as the biggest SVOD subscription platform in the US. It’s the first time since Park started collating the data that Netflix has not been number one. Parks’ data, based on estimated numbers of subscribers through until September 2022, found that […]

Free trials still effective recruitment tool for streamers

A new report has found that 40 million US internet households trialled and subscribed to at least one OTT service in the first half of 2021. Despite an industry shift away from free trials, the new report from Parks Associates has found that they are still an effective way of ensuring customers sign up to […]

US pay TV penetration to hit lowest point in a decade within two years

Pay TV subscribers in the US are set to decline to under 77 million households within the next two years.  According to Parks Associates, increasing cord cutting will see traditional pay TV subscribers decline to 76.7 million households by 2024. This would represent the lowest penetration in a decade and a 27% drop from 2014. […]

US consumers prefer unified bundles

US OTT consumers are increasingly growing in favour of aggregation services and unified bundles. According to Parks Associates, 59% of US OTT subscribers prefer one bill and one account for all of their home subscription services, with 48% saying that their home internet service provider adds more value when online video services subscriptions are offered.  […]

Service hopping becoming the norm in US OTT households

More than a third of US OTT subscribers are so-called ‘service hoppers’ a new study has claimed. According to a new report from Parks Associates, 32 million OTT-subscribing US households have switched between services and resubscribed to services multiple times in the previous 12 months. The report also examines the ways that users subscribe to […]

Smart TVs the default in US

More than half of US households now own a smart TV. According to a new report from Parks Associates, 55% of US broadband households own a smart TV. The research firm expects smart TVs to cement their position as the default connected streaming device this year, with consumers seeking a single device for their entertainment […]

OTT subscriber churn on the rise in US

OTT subscriber churn in the US hit 44% in Q1 of last year, according to data compiled by Parks Associates, with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu managing to retain customers at a much higher rate than other leading streaming services. According to Parks Associates, Netflix is the clear market leader in average subscription length, […]

Streaming video devices in at least 70% of US homes

Over two-thirds of US households now own at least one streaming device, a new report has revealed. According to a new whitepaper from Parks Associates, nearly 70% of the US owns at least one streaming video product that is connected to the internet. Some 56% of US broadband households now own a smart TV, with […]

US OTT churn driven by cost and content

Cost and content are the biggest drivers of OTT churn in the US, claims a new report. According to research from Parks Associates, the need to cut household expenses was cited as the primary trigger for churn by more than a quarter of respondents. The second most cited reason was that the users finished watching […]

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