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OTT subscription penetration high among smart speaker owners

OTT penetration is very high among owners of smart speaker and smart display owners. According to new research from Parks Associates, more than 90% of these smart device owners in the US have an OTT subscription, compared to 72% of all US broadband households. Unsurprisingly, Netflix was the most popular OTT service among these device […]

UI more important to OTT users than content recommendations, claims report

Service users are more likely to recommend a platform based on the quality of the user interface (UI) than they are on content recommendations. According to new research from Parks Associates, 70% of US broadband households with a major video service consider its user interface to be good, with 48% rating it “very good”. The […]

Multiple OTT subscriptions becoming the norm with 130% growth over five years

The number of households with two or more OTT subscriptions has increased by over 130% in the past five years, claims a new report. According to research from Parks Associates, 46% of US broadband households subscribe to multiple OTT services, compared to 33% in 2017 and 20% in 2014.  The report, Partnering, Aggregation, and Bundling […]

Subscriptions make up 90% of online video spend

Subscriptions now represent the vast majority of internet spending on TV and movies in North America, a new report has found. According to research from Parks Associates, subscriptions to services such as Netflix and Hulu now make up 86% of online spending on TV and movies, up from just over half the total in 2012. […]

US pay-TV ARPU dropped 10% in two years

US standalone pay-TV ARPU is in an ongoing period of decline, says new research. According to the report 360 View: Entertainment Services in the US from Pars Associates, ARPU from pay-TV in the country declined by 10% from 2016 to 2018.  Average household monthly spend on pay-TV dropped from US$84 (€76) to US$76 (€69). The […]

Streaming media player sales stall in the US

Streaming device ownership in the US has risen to 39% of broadband households. According to a new study from Parks Associates, the 1% year-over-year growth indicates ownership has flattened. This is despite the fact that purchase intentions are higher for 2019 compared to previous years.  The report – 360 Deep Dive: Adoption and Use of […]

One in four US households engage in piracy, costing billions in lost revenue

Over a quarter of US broadband households engage in content piracy or account sharing, a new study has revealed. The report from Parks Associates entitled 360 Deep Dive: Account Sharing and Digital Piracy also found that pay-TV and OTT piracy along with account sharing will lead to US$9.1 billion (€8.1 billion) in lost revenue this […]

Parks: 75% of smart home device owners find devices ‘very valuable’

Some 75% of US smart home device owners find their devices ‘very valuable’, according to Parks Associates. The research firm found that consumers’ value assessment of smart home solutions “jumped considerably once they own these products”, with 38% of people who don’t own a smart home device considering them valuable. “Smart home device owners are […]

US broadband homes turning to TV screen for OTT content

Over half of US broadband households are now watching online TV on internet-connected TV screens, according to research by Parks Associates. According to Parks’ 360 View: Digital Media and Connected Consumers report, some 52% of US broadband households now watching online video on a TV that is connected to the internet. Some 55% of households […]

Parks: 16% of US broadband users share online video passwords

Some 16% of US broadband households admit sharing passwords to their video service accounts, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that just one-third of US broadband households or less were willing to use a non-password authentication method such as voice or thumbprint. Meanwhile, 54% of US broadband households said they were willing or […]