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Parks: 85% of US millennials subscribe to OTT

More than 85% of millennials in US broadband houses subscribe to at least one over-the-top (OTT) video service from providers that include Netflix and Amazon, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that more than 25% of millennials subscribe to three or more OTT services and more than 50% subscribe to at least two. […]

Parks: 40% of US homes own streaming media players

Almost 40% of US broadband households owned streaming media players at the beginning of 2018, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that Roku maintained its lead in the market, holding a steady 37% of the market. Amazon ranked second, increasing its share of the US streaming media player market by 4% since last […]

Parks Associates: 50% of US broadband homes own a smart TV

More than 50% of US broadband households own a smart TV and more than 40% have a streaming media player, according to Parks Associates research. The study also reported high ownership figures for games consoles, which feature in more US broadband households than streaming media players. “The rise of voice control enables consumers to control […]

Parks: US home entertainment spend falls as OTT remains steady

The average monthly expenditure by US broadband homes on video entertainment outside of a pay TV subscription has dropped from US$29 (€24) to US$23 over the past two years. This is according to research by Parks Associates, which said that reduced spending on cinema tickets, DVDs and Blu-ray discs had “contributed significantly” to the overall […]

One in five US pay TV customers taking online video services from providers

Over one in five US pay TV subscribers now take an online video service through their pay TV provider, up from 10% a year ago, according to research from Parks Associates. According to the research group’s report 360 View: Access and Entertainment in US Broadband Households, some 21% of US pay TV customers now take […]

US broadband homes have ‘more than seven video devices’ on average

US broadband households have more than seven video access devices on average – including TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones – according to Parks Associates. “Nearly 40% of US broadband households subscribe to multiple OTT video services, and consumers expect to access their high-quality content on any platform, at any location where they live or go […]

Fifth of US broadband homes use digital antenna to access TV

The number of US broadband homes that use digital antennas to access live TV has increased from 16% in early 2015 to 20% near the end of 2017, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that while the number of households that have never subscribed to pay TV services has held steady, the percentage […]

Parks: 12% of US broadband homes use livestreaming platforms

Some 12% of US broadband households used a live streaming platform like Facebook Live or Periscope in the third quarter of 2017, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that 19% of consumers aged 18-24 engaged in live streaming, while the live streaming of TV shows and sports – including illegal content streams – […]

More than half of US OTT homes subscribe to multiple services

More than 50% of US over-the-top subscription households subscribe to multiple video streaming services, compared to just 20% in 2014, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that of these multi-OTT homes, 81% use Netflix plus another service or combination of services – typically Amazon or Hulu. “A common assumption is that consumers who […]

Parks Associates: top US SVOD services hold steady

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu continue to hold places one, two and three in the US SVOD market by subscriber numbers, while HBO made “a significant move” into the top five. This is according to new Parks Associates research that placed baseball service MLB.TV at number four, HBO Now at five, Starz at six, and YouTube […]