Amazon Prime knocks Netflix off streaming top spot in the US

Fresh data from US research firm Parks Associates shows that Amazon Prime has dethroned Netflix as the biggest SVOD subscription platform in the US. It’s the first time since Park started collating the data that Netflix has not been number one.

Jennifer Kent

Parks’ data, based on estimated numbers of subscribers through until September 2022, found that 83% of broadband households have at least one OTT service, with 23% adopting nine or more OTT subscriptions. Aside from Amazon Prime’s move into the top slot, the data also show Peacock joining the top ten for the first time.

Disney owned services Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ took up three slots. One interesting dynamic here is that Hulu (3rd) came out ahead of Disney+ (4th) in 2022, a reversal of the situation in 2021. This raises interesting strategic questions for Disney as it tries to work out why it needs two high-profile streaming platforms in the US.

As to whether Netflix can regain its top spot, Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates said there are possible roads back to the top spot: “Netflix’s ad-supported plan gives the company a way to win back subscribers who left over high subscription prices. It also gives Netflix a path to creating unique accounts for those who have been content to share passwords with friends and family in the past.”

Amazon Prime has hit the headlines this year with its big bet on Lord of the Rings-inspired TV series The Rings of Power. But several surveys over the years have suggested the platform’s main appeal to consumers is actually fast and free shipping.

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