PlumResearch: Polish comedies leading CEE international SVOD drive

Squared Love (Source: Netflix)

Original content from the CEE region is growing in value for international SVOD operators, with Polish comedies particularly proving popular on the world stage, according to PlumResearch.

Speaking at Content Warsaw this week, PlumResearch research director Jonathan Broughton, who recently joined the data insight firm from the European Broadcasting Union, highlighted the value of this growth market, with original scripted comedy identified as being in high demand.

Jonathan Broughton

Polish originals as a whole exceeded international demand compared to other CEE countries, in terms of the number of hours watched per available title, including Spanish originals consumed in the US.

And while just 11% of Polish TV originals airing during Q1 2024 were comedy, they accounted for more than 50% of global viewing for Polish scripted originals. Polish comedies such as 1670, Squared Love and Operation Nation have all performed well for global streamer Netflix.

Broughton said that CEE comedy content is still not receiving as much representation globally as it could be, with its current rate of growth being slow – a situation he suggested should change once more content begins to sell to international SVOD services.

“CEE is a region rich with diverse stories, many of them yet to be heard,” Broughton told TBI. “Given the SVOD need to find new growth combined with the uniquely fragmented makeup of the region, the timing feels ripe for CEE production companies to see renewed focus and growth as studio spend returns over the next few years.”

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