Service hopping becoming the norm in US OTT households

More than a third of US OTT subscribers are so-called ‘service hoppers’ a new study has claimed.

According to a new report from Parks Associates, 32 million OTT-subscribing US households have switched between services and resubscribed to services multiple times in the previous 12 months.

The report also examines the ways that users subscribe to services are diversifying, with subscribing directly via an OTT provider’s website dropping down from 41% to 29% between Q1 2020-Q3 2021. It notes that aggregation platforms like Amazon Prime Video Channels and Apple TV are increasing in popularity as they provide an easier way of managing subscriptions, however major players like Disney+ and HBO Max are not available on such platforms.

Elizabeth Parks, president and CMO, Parks Associates, said: “Data collection and analysis offer new ways to attract and retain viewers, optimise revenue, and create new value,” said. “Data allows vendors to identify subscribers at risk of churn and can even tag the ‘server hoppers’ who will jump in and out of services no matter what, so that providers do not waste resources chasing them in vain. Advanced data tools help companies make more informed decisions about the content and structure of their services and special offerings.”

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