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Parks: US churn rate for OTT services is 19%

Some 19% of US broadband households cancelled an over-the-top video service in the past 12 months, producing a churn rate of almost one in five homes.  This is according to Parks Associates’ latest ‘OTT Video Market Tracker’ stats, which said that overall churn rate for OTT services has been roughly stable for the past year. […]

Cord-cutting on the rise in the US

Cord cutting in the US has increased steadily in recent years with 15% of broadband households now only using their antenna to receive TV, according to Parks Associates. The research firm’s ‘360 View: Entertainment Services in US Broadband Households’ report claims that the increase in antenna-only TV viewing has coincided with a drop in pay […]

Third of US broadband homes watch UGC 10 days per month

Nearly 35% of US broadband homes watch user-generated video on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion at least 10 days per month, according to Parks Associates. The firm’s new OTT research claims that 75% of US broadband homes access user-generated web content at least once per month, with men more frequently watching user-generated video than […]

Parks: 73% of US internet homes connect their TVs

Some 73% of US broadband homes now connect one or more TV entertainment devices to the web, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said this marked an 11% increase, compared to the beginning of 2015, in the use of connected in-home entertainment platforms – such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming media players, Blu-ray […]

Parks Associates: US OTT adoption up 12%

The adoption of over-the-top (OTT) video services among US broadband households has increased by 12% since the third quarter of 2014, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that both the number of available OTT services and consumer awareness of them had increased, despite password sharing growing by approximately 8% over that same period. […]

Parks: More than half of US OTT services are SVOD

Some 55% of over-the-top (OTT) services in the US have a subscription-only business model similar to Netflix, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that in Canada, 50% of OTT services offer subscription-only services, and claimed that a recent US appeals court ruling that said sharing passwords is a crime that can be prosecuted […]

Parks: 23% of US millennials opt for OTT-only

In the US, some 23% of millennial heads of household opt to live in OTT-only, broadband homes, according to Parks Associates. The research firm said the figure compares to a national average of just 15% of all broadband households that only choose over-the-top entertainment access. However, the study also notes that 61% of millennials subscribe […]

Roku still most popular streaming media player

Roku is still the most popular streaming media player in the US, accounting for 30% of players sold in the year to March, according to figures compiled by Parks Associates. According to the research unveiled this week at INTX, Amazon is now running in equal second place with Google, each with 22% of the market, […]

One in six US broadband homes take an OTT sports service

Some 16% of US broadband households now subscribe to an over-the-top sports video service, according to Parks Associates. The NFL Game Pass is the most widely adopted service, with 6% of US broadband homes subscribing to this compared to 4% for the WWE Network and baseball service MLB.TV. “For sports content owners, OTT is a viable […]

European SVoD lags the US

The proportion of consumers watching OTT video in Western Europe is increasing but continues to lag the US, notably in terms of the number of people paying for an SVOD service. New research from Parks Associates shows that in the UK, 55% of broadband homes watch OTT video. In France, the total is 51%. The […]

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