Binge viewing now pervasive in UK, US

Edelman selfieBinge viewing is now “pervasive” with 89% of UK viewers watching content in this way thanks to an increase in online-and on-demand access, according to a new study by Edelman. 

The PR firm, which surveyed 3,000 consumers in the UK, US and China through its Edelman Berland research arm, found that the percentage of US consumers who binge-watch has “increased significantly” in the past year – rising from 86% in 2013 to 94% this year. In China the figure was found to be an “almost universal” 99%.

“Interestingly, the desire to satisfy people’s internal needs are the primary drivers for binge-watching, with 72% of respondents watching so they ‘know what happens next’ and 57% noting that they do so to ‘feel caught up,’” said Edelman.

Other findings of the research were that more than 80% of the Chinese and 60% of the US and UK respondents multitask while watching entertainment – saying that they were likely to use multiple devices to do something related to the content they are watching.

Half of respondents said they were likely to use an app or website to interact with the content if it was designed by the creator (US 56%; UK 46%; China 81%) or not designed by the creator (US 52%; UK 44%; China 71%).

Elsewhere, the study found that TV shows were named as the number one most turned to source for entertainment in all markets, while 79% of respondents said they consider YouTube to be a valuable source of entertainment.

“This year, we found that consumers want their entertainment ‘selfie-style’ – content centred on them, immediately gratifying, engaging and shareable across their social networks. Brands that can successfully deliver or enhance compelling entertainment to consumers stand to gain through positive word-of-mouth and association,” said Gail Becker, president, strategic partnerships and global integrations, Edelman.

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