Binge viewing

Ampere: Binge viewing more common in the US than Europe

Binge viewing is more common in the US than in Europe but is rapidly becoming “standard practice” in both markets, according to Ampere Analysis. The research firm found the proportion of internet users who ‘strongly agree’ they frequently watch several episodes of the same TV show back-to-back is 22% in the US and 15% in […]

Ampere: over 55s waking up to SVOD bingeing

Although over-55s remain staunch supporters of linear television, a new study shows they are now waking up to binge viewing through SVOD platforms. According to Ampere Analytics, there is virtually no difference in viewing habits between those aged 55-64 and 18-24s if subscription on-demand is the only service in their household. Over-55s SVOD users watched […]

Netflix reveals trend to match TV series and movies

Netflix says it has identified a new trend among its members whereby they integrate movies into their series binge watching. The US streaming service redefined and gave new life to the term ‘binge watching’, a term applied to its series. It has now lifted the lid on how its customers weave features into those viewing […]

Netflix: viewers never hooked by a show’s pilot episode

Pilot episodes do not immediately hook viewers to a TV show, but taking away ad breaks and linear scheduling fosters repeat viewing, according to Netflix. In new research that analyses its own global streaming data, Netflix said that when consumers can watch an “entire season as they choose, you can see fandom emerge.” By looking […]

Almost half of binge viewers to give up on unavailable shows

Nearly half of binge viewers will look for something else to watch and may abandon a show completely if the next episode of a series is not available to view, according to new research. The binge viewing study, by video optimization firm Conviva, claims that only 22% of respondents would wait for an episode to […]

Binge viewing the ‘new norm’, says TiVo

Binge viewing is the “new norm” with full season programme bingeing on the rise, according to new research by DVR maker TiVo. The second annual TiVo Spring 2015 Binge Viewing Survey found that 92% of respondents reported binge viewing at some point, with original streamed series topping the survey as the most popular binged content […]

Binge-viewing is solitary activity, finds Arris consumer research

Binge viewing is primarily a solitary activity, WiFi is now seen as a utility and out-of-home viewing has yet to take off. These are some of the preliminary findings from technology provider Arris’s annual Consumer Entertainment Index research, details of which for the US, UK and Spain were revealed at its Video Leadership Forum in […]

Binge viewing now pervasive in UK, US

Binge viewing is now “pervasive” with 89% of UK viewers watching content in this way thanks to an increase in online-and on-demand access, according to a new study by Edelman.  The PR firm, which surveyed 3,000 consumers in the UK, US and China through its Edelman Berland research arm, found that the percentage of US […]

Binge viewing enjoyed by 80% of viewers

Broadcast TV remains “the staple of in-home entertainment,” though 80% of people now admit to ‘binge viewing’ TV content, according to new research by technology provider Arris. The Arris Consumer Entertainment Index claimed that 14% of those surveyed admitted to binge viewing – watching multiple episodes of a TV show in a single sitting – […]

Study says viewers will pay more to binge

Research into binge-viewing claims 40% of viewers surveyed would pay more to be able to access full seasons of shows rather than wait for weekly installments. Furthermore, frequent binge viewers are more four times more likely than regular viewers to upgrade a pay TV package and twice as likely not to skip commercials. The findings […]