Binge viewing 24% among young people

A quarter (24%) of 16-24s ‘TV binge,’ watching entire seasons in one sitting, while 52% say they watch at least two episodes of a show at a time, according to a new study by Voxburner. 

The research firm, which also organises the Youth Marketing Strategy summit, said that 44% of young people use paid for streaming services to watch or download films and TV programmes.

Netflix was found to be the most popular, with 38% using the streaming service in the last month, followed by Lovefilm at 8% and Mubi at 7%.

“The concept of watching one live episode of TV a week doesn’t exist to young people. The switch to content on demand has changed behaviour and the idea of ‘binge watching’ entire seasons or multiple episodes at one time is becoming the norm,” said Luke Mitchell, head of insight at Voxburner.

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