Almost half of binge viewers to give up on unavailable shows

Binge viewing by device

Binge viewing by device

Nearly half of binge viewers will look for something else to watch and may abandon a show completely if the next episode of a series is not available to view, according to new research.

The binge viewing study, by video optimization firm Conviva, claims that only 22% of respondents would wait for an episode to become available if it is impossible to find, or delivered within a sub-par playback experience in the first instance.

The report added that “more than half of the respondents are less than fully committed to return to a series once they stop watching for any reason.”

“Binge-watchers represent dedicated consumers. As the line between OTT consumption and content creation blurs due to shifting viewing models, publishers need to ensure they’re building long-term value with viewers,” said Conviva CEO, Hui Zhang.

The report, titled ‘Binge Watching: The New Currency of Video Economics,’ also found that the majority of respondents use a laptop or computer when binge-viewing show – with more viewing this way than on regular pay TV or on connected devices, tablets, smartphones or games consoles.

The Conviva survey was carried out in mid-2015 on 750 consumers aged between 26 and 34.

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