Intelsat CEO Spengler to retire

Satellite operator Intelsat’s CEO Stephen Spengler is to retire as CEO when the US-based company emerges from its financial restructuring process and a successor is named. Spengler will continue as CEO in the meantime, leading Intelsat through the final stages of the process to ensure a smooth transition, Intelsat said. The surprise announcement came as […]

Intelsat claims 75% support for restructuring plan

Satellite operator Intelsat says it has won the support of key creditor groups for a restructuring plan that would see the company become a privately owned entity with new shareholders and reduce its debt by more than half – from nearly US$15 billion to US$7 billion. The move comes after Intelsat recently requested an extension of […]

Intelsat boosted by Slovak Telekom DTH deal

Intelsat has struck a significant satellite transponder deal with Slovak Telecom that the satellite operator has hailed as one of the largest and longest agreements of its kind in the CEE region for a number of years. The deal will provide Slovak with three new transponders for extra capacity, so the company can bring more […]

Northrop Grumman mission extends life of Intelsat 1° West satellite

The Intelsat 10-02/Thor satellite at the 1° West position is to see its life extended thanks to a pioneering space mission by Northrop Grumman Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiary, SpaceLogistics. SpaceLogistics has successfully completed the docking of a special Mission Extension Vehicle-2 (MEV-2) to the Intelsat satellite to deliver life-extension services. According to Intelsat, Northrop […]

Intelsat and Telenor Satellite expand 4K UHD TV

Intelsat and Norway-based Telenor Satellite are extending their partnership at the 1° West orbital slot to expand 4K UHD channel distribution to Nordic and Central Eastern European countries, and directly into the homes of nearly 18 million Pay TV households in the region. Intelsat and Telenor Satellite are introducing new 4K/UHD channels, beginning with NASA TV and […]

Intelsat launches Galaxy 30, life-extender for Intelsat 10-02

Satellite operator Intelsat has launched Galaxy 30, its latest geosynchronous orbit satellite that will primarily provide high-performance TV distribution service to its North American customers. The launch vehicle also carried Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle 2 (MEV-2). The existing Intelsat 10-02 satellite is scheduled to be the latter’s first customer in early 2021. Both craft […]

ViacomCBS looks to Intelsat for CEE and APAC distribution

ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) has contracted satellite operator Intelsat to distribute its services in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and across the Asia Pacific region. In the Central and Eastern European region, VCNI is tapping into the reach of Intelsat’s direct-to-home (DTH) platform on the 1° West video platform to deliver its programming. The 1° West neighborhood can reach more than 17.8 […]

Intelsat order six new satellites to meet C-band clearance deadline

Satellite operator Intelsat has contracted for the building of six new satellites with US manufacturers, which it says is a necessary step to meet the accelerated C-band spectrum clearing timelines established by regulator the FCC earlier this year. The company has contracted Maxar Technologies to build and deliver four satellites, while Northrop Grumman will build and […]

C-band plan presents risks and rewards for satellite operators

Satellite operators with C-band rights stand to share about US$9.7 billion (€8.9 billion) to clear 300MHz of spectrum for reallocation to 5G mobile under proposals outlined by the FCC at the end of last week – which places the allocation in the middle of expectations about how much the operators stood to gain.   Analysts […]

Satellite operators cut out as FCC decides on public C-Band auction

The US FCC has unveiled plans to hold a public auction of the C-band spectrum currently used by satellite operators in a move that attracted immediate criticism from the C-band Alliance (CBA), the group comprising satellite players Intelsat, SES and Telesat that had lobbied for a private sale of spectrum.  FCC chairman Ajit Pai said […]

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