Eutelsat signs new connectivity pact with Intelsat

Satellite operator Eutelsat has signed a multi-orbit agreement with rival Intelsat to enhance connectivity solutions over Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific, including low-Earth orbit OneWeb services. 

Under this new seven-year multi-million-euro capacity agreement with a progressive roll-out of assets over 2023, which will use Eutelsat’s High-throughput satellites in the Ku-band including the recently launched Eutelsat 10B satellite and OneWeb’s constellation, Intelsat will be able to offer connectivity solutions for air, land and sea.

The latest deal cements a proposed agreement previously announced on the Eutelsat 10B satellite in October 2019 between Eutelsat and Gogo Commercial Aviation, acquired by Intelsat in 2020.

The new capacity agreement adds OneWeb’s LEO solution to a larger portion of Eutelsat’s HTS GEO birds Eutelsat 172B, the coming Eutelsat 10B, and the future Flexsa), creating a hybrid offer that provides Intelsat with connectivity capacities.

Eutelsat said that customers will be able to benefit from a ubiquitous connectivity service enabled by the combination of the GEO and LEO assets of the three entities: Eutelsat’s and Intelsat’s GEO fleets coupled with OneWeb’s ground-breaking LEO network.

Cyril Dujardin, General Manager of the connectivity business Unit of Eutelsat and Ben Griffin, Vice President, Mobility at OneWeb, said: “Eutelsat and OneWeb are proud to collaborate to provide Intelsat with the best connectivity solutions. This truly hybrid approach paves the way for thorough connectivity solutions for all stakeholders, be it in the air, at sea, or on the ground. In all, it will deliver customers the best of both worlds in an integrated seamless approach.”

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