Intelsat and Telenor Satellite expand 4K UHD TV

Intelsat and Norway-based Telenor Satellite are extending their partnership at the 1° West orbital slot to expand 4K UHD channel distribution to Nordic and Central Eastern European countries, and directly into the homes of nearly 18 million Pay TV households in the region.

Intelsat and Telenor Satellite are introducing new 4K/UHD channels, beginning with NASA TV and WOW 4K, with additional channels coming soon, the pair said. The new 4K channels will be broadcast to CEE and Nordic viewers on the Intelsat 10-02 satellite and Telenor Satellite’s Thor 7.

“We are delighted to welcome broadcast channels such as Wow 4K and NASA 4K to be distributed via our 1° West satellite fleet, with 4K content enhancing the viewing experience even more,” said Ole Ledang director of the broadcasting division at Telenor Satellite.

“We know that viewers’ expectations are growing when it comes to user experience. They are looking for a high-quality, high-resolution image, and they also want access to more diversified content. Working with Telenor Satellite, we are making it possible for broadcasters to meet their viewers’ needs in the Nordics, the CEE regions and neighbourhoods that we are already addressing through 1° West,” said Olivier Herson, managing sales director at Intelsat.

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