Digital TV Research

OTT on the ascendency with revenues to double by 2024

Revenues for OTT services will reach US$159 billion (€142 billion) by 2024. According to Digital TV Research, revenues will double the US$68 billion (€61 billion) recorded in 2018. Breaking this down by type, SVOD is currently the largest OTT revenue source. SVOD revenues will climb by US$51 billion (€46 billion) between 2018 and 2024 to […]

Pay TV revenues to fall to 2010 levels

Pay TV revenues for 138 countries are to fall to reach the levels of 2010, despite increasing numbers of subscribers. According to Digital TV Research, revenues for Pay TV – which encompasses subscription fees and PPV orders – peaked at US$205 billion (€183 billion) in 2016, but will fall by 14% to US$177 billion (€158 […]

SVOD subscriptions to approach one billion

SVOD subscriptions are to increase by 86% between 2018 and 2024, claims a new report. According to Digital TV Research, the global number of gross SVOD subscriptions will increase by 439 million between 2018 and 2024 to 947 million. In its Global SVOD Forecasts report, the research outfit has assessed 736 platforms across 138 countries. […]

Disney+ ‘to lead’ doubling of western Europe SVOD base

Subscription video-on-demand numbers in western Europe are set to double over the next five years, with Disney+ contributing hugely to the boom, according to a report by Digital TV Research. According to the Western Europe OTT TV and Video Forecast Report, SVOD gross subscriptions – meaning each subscription service taken up by households – in […]

Rise of IPTV to benefit Telcos

Telcos are set to dominate Western European pay TV, a new report from Digital TV Research has found. IPTV is gaining subscribers at the expense of other pay TV platforms, with IPTV overtaking satellite TV in 2015. It is predicted that it will reach similar figures to cable by 2024, adding 5.5 million subscribers between […]

CEE SVOD set to more than double

Central and eastern Europe is set to more than double its subscription video-on-demand base over the next five years, according to Digital TV Research. According to the research outfit, the region will have 26.19 millionSVOD subscriptionsby 2024, up from 10.02 million recorded by end-2018. Russia will supply 8.77 million to the 2024 total, with Poland […]

Eastern European pay TV faces revenue/subscriber decline, says DTVR

Pay TV revenues in Eastern Europe will peak at $6.95 billion in 2019 – before slipping gradually to $6.59 billion by 2024, according to new research from Digital TV Research (Eastern Europe Pay TV Forecasts, April 2019). During this time, analogue cable revenues will drop by $844 million to virtually nothing (just $33 million), while […]

North American SVOD subscriptions set to grow dramatically

The number of North American subscription video-on-demand subscriptions ­– specifically for SVOD movie, linear channel and TV series services and excluding the likes of sports streaming services –­ will grow from 160 million in 2018 to 270 million in 2024, according to forecasts from Digital TV Research. These figures represent individual SVOD subscriptions rather than […]

Digital TV Research: Disney+ to reach 75m subscribers by 2024

A forecast from research firm Digital TV Research predicts that Disney+ is set to reach as many as 75 million subscribers by 2024. On Thursday (11 April) Disney outlined its plans for its Disney + platform to investors and stated that it expects to reach 60-90m Disney + subscribers by 2024, with the US contributing […]

Lat-Am SVOD growing fast, Netflix to maintain lead

Latin American SVOD subscriptions are forecast to reach 51.1 million by 2024, according to new forecasts from Digital TV Research. This figure is almost double the 27.12 million recorded at close of 2018 and sees Netflix continue as market leader. According to DTVR, six regional platforms will account for 85% of the region’s paying SVOD […]