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Disney+ to be second-largest SVOD by 2025, with top five expected to hit 678 million subs

Disney+ is expected to reach almost 200 million subscribers by 2025 as part of continued growth across the top SVOD players. According to Digital TV Research, the big five US-based streamers – Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and HBO Max – will have a collective total of 678 million subscribers by the mid-point […]

African SVOD market to grow by five times by 2025

Africa will see significant growth in SVOD as the nascent market continues to mature to a total of 12.96 million subscriptions by 2025. According to Digital TV Research, this will be a growth of almost five times – up from 2.75 million at the end of 2019. South Africa will be the largest single market, adding […]

US$100 billion in SVOD revenues by 2025

SVOD revenues for the planet’s top 138 countries will double by 2025.  By the mid-point of the decade, revenues derived from subscription video services will be at US$100 billion, twice the 2019 total of US$50 billion, says Digital TV Research. The analyst notes that 16 countries will exceed US$1 billion in revenues by 2025, double […]

Eastern European SVOD subs to double, but growth of US streamers will be minimal

Eastern Europe has been predicted to surpass 26 million SVOD subscribers by 2025, with Russia continuing to be the largest market in the region, having recently overtaken Poland. According to Digital TV Research, the region will reach 26.42 million paying SVOD subscriptions by the mid-point of the decade. That is an addition of 16 million […]

MENA SVOD set for strong growth

There will be 27.16 million paying SVOD subscriptions for 20 countries in the Middle East and North Africa by 2025, up from 10.95 million recorded at end-2019, according to the latest report by Digital TV Research. Turkey, which Digital TV Research counts in its MENA area analysis, will remain the country leader, with 11.30 million […]

APAC region to add 200 million SVOD subs 

The Asia Pacific region will exceed 460 million SVOD subscribers by 2025. According to Digital TV Research, the region will have 467 million SVOD subscriptions by the mid-point of the decade, up from 267 million in 2019. China will continue to be the largest contributor, with 279 million subscribers, representing 60% of the total. India […]

Latin America to break 100 million SVOD subs by 2025

Latin America is predicted to reach over 100 million SVOD subscribers by 2025. According to Digital TV Research, the territory will reach 100.35 million subs by the mid-point of the decade, up more than double from the 2019 total of 42.15 million. It is expected that Brazil will continue to be the market leader at […]

Emerging markets and IPTV continuing to drive pay TV growth

Despite cord cutting in advanced markets, pay TV is continuing to grow overall, driven by emerging markets and IPTV, according to Digital TV Research. Digital TV Research estimates that pay TV subscriptions increased by 16 million to 1,028 million in 2019 across 138 countries. The growth is in emerging markets. According to the research outfit, […]

OTT revenues at US$83 billion in 2019

Revenue for the overall OTT market, including SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD, reached US$83 billion in 2019. According to Digital TV Research, this is a significant increase from the 2018 total of US$67 billion and US$50 billion charted in 2017. Broken down by segment, SVOD was the largest contributor at US$48.2 billion, followed by AVOD at […]

The average viewer has 1.59 SVOD subscriptions as global total continues to rise

Global SVOD subscriptions grew by more than a quarter in 2019, a year with a number of high-profile streaming service launches and an ongoing trend towards cord-cutting. According to Digital TV Research, the number of gross subscriptions grew by 28% in the year to 642 million up from 503 million the year prior. Showing the […]

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